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Everything featured on Colours and Carousels is entirely my own thoughts, opinions and words. Colours and Carousels is a space for featuring things that I love, so I only share what I think is worth shouting about. All brand collaborations will be disclosed and carried out in accordance with relevant guidelines.

PR Samples

I am lucky enough to be sent items to review for my blog from time to time, which is brilliant. PR samples will be clearly marked with a disclaimer at the end of the post. If they are featured in a post published prior to June 1st, 2015 these will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the post body.
I only accept PR samples that I feel I would genuinely use and are of interest to both me and my readers. I'm happy to discuss opportunities, so if you have something you think I'd like please send me an email at charlotte@coloursandcarousels.com so we can chat further.

I try to be relatively organised and plan my posting schedule in advance, as well as accounting for adequate time to thoroughly test a product so you can expect a turnaround of anywhere between 2-6 weeks depending on the type of product.

Sponsored Posts

As a rule, I only accept sponsored posts for brands that I love and trust. Sponsored content will always be clearly marked with a disclaimer, for the sake of honesty and my integrity. I do not accept pre-written content (even content that is disguised as "guest posts") and all content will be my own words, thoughts and opinions. All paid for links will be marked as no-follow in keeping with the relevant Google guidelines. Got something you think is worth shouting about? Pop a message over at charlotte@coloursandcarousels.com and we can talk about collaborations.

Affiliate Links

As of August 2016, some links on this blog may be affiliated and I may earn a small commission on any purchases completed through these links. This will not cost the buyer anything above the advertised price. By using affiliate links I can earn a little bit of money towards covering the costs of running my blog which really helps me out. Affiliate programmes used include Amazon, RewardStyle and Awin.

RewardStyle Privacy Policy

I have a media pack available on request that details the stats and considered collaborations, be sure to get in touch if you’d like to have a peek.

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