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Colours and Carousels is a lifestyle blog that I started back in 2010. I started my blog when I was 15 years old – nearly 7 years ago
now. I’d always been an avid internet user and I loved writing, so when I
noticed these blogs popping up I decided to give it a try for myself.  It originally started as a bit of a teenage
diary, or where I’d compile wish lists of the clothes I wished I could afford.
At the time, I wanted to study fashion, so I thought that having a blog would
help me bulk out my personal statement and help me stand out when applying. I didn’t take it very seriously at first and my
updates were pretty sporadic for the first year or so. When I was 16, however,
I ended up getting quite ill and spent the best part of a year in and out of
hospital. It was a pretty difficult time for me, and my blog became a vital
creative outlet which helped when I was confined to my bed for weeks or just
feeling a bit lonely. Ever since then, I’ve been totally hooked.
In my blogging journey so far I’ve covered numerous topics from beauty, fashion, and food to my journey as a student and my various travel adventures. I adore writing about the things I experience, the products I love and the places I discover, and I think my passion shows in my writing.
My blog is a huge part of my life and has been for many years now. I love talking about all things blogging, and you’ll often find me sharing my latest blogging tips and tricks either in a post or through my monthly newsletter. Digital marketing & the online world are huge passions of mine, with my blog being the perfect outlet.
If you want to find more about me, then head to my about page, or otherwise you can get stuck right in with my latest posts.