When it comes to blogging I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I’ve been blogging for over eight years now, so I like to think that I’m a bit of a dab hand when it comes to creating engaging content and building a successful blog that really stands out.

Let’s work together to take your blog to the next level with my carefully curated blog development packages, designed with your blog in mind. I can help you overcome the challenges you come across as a blogger, be that working with brands, starting an email list, bringing your personal brand to life through your blog or something different entirely. The blogosphere is changing on a daily basis, but I’m on hand to guide you through.

Clever Content – £97

Content is the heart of any good blog, and together we can make your content the very best it can be. Let’s work together to find your ideal topics, refine your niche and look at ways to create brilliant, optimised content that you and your readers will love.

In this package we’ll look at your current blog posts, their categories and formatting. I’ll analyse the best way to optimise your content for search, social and beyond, providing you with the tools you need to create a strong content catalogue that will get your readers clicking.

We’ll look at creating a content calendar that works for you, defining your ideal audience, producing content that emphasises your brand and key planning strategies for your future content.

This package is perfect for you if…

  • You’re often struggling for post ideas
  • You’re not sure how to incorporate a new topic into your current content
  • You want to define a clearer niche for your blog
  • You need to explore new ways of reaching your audience
  • You want to solidify your brand as a blogger

The process is simple – once you book in for your spot I’ll send you over some questions that will help me get to the heart of your blog. We’ll look at what you want to do next, and how you can curate your content to achieve your goals. Once you’ve completed the questions, I’ll analyse your current content and pull together a personalised output covering the key findings, top tips for your blog and the steps you need to take to kick things up a gear.

Savvy Social – £97

Everyone and their gran is on social media these days, but are you making the most of it? Social media is a brilliant way to get your blog seen, and the Savvy Social package focuses on boosting your blog by optimising your social channels for maximum exposure.

Here, we’ll look at your current social media presence, streamlining your profiles to ensure brand consistency throughout. Together we’ll work on building a social media strategy to suit you, with a review of your optimum platforms and posting times for effective promotion. 

I’ll help you curate a list of key hashtags for connecting with your ideal audience, and provide you with personalised suggestions for optimising your promotion process. Together, we’ll look at where your ideal audience hangs out and the best platforms to promote your blog on for maximum quality traffic.

This package is the one for you if…

  • You’re fed up of the lack of growth on your social media
  • You want to boost the page views for your blog
  • You’re looking to connect with your audience more
  • You feel like you’re wasting time trying to be on every platform at once
  • You have no idea how to use social media to its full potential

The process is simple – once you book in for your spot I’ll send you over some questions that will help me get to the heart of your blog and social goals. We’ll look at what you want to do next, and what steps you need to take to get there. Once you’ve completed the questions, I’ll analyse your social media presence and pull together a personalised output covering the key findings, top tips for your promotion process and actionable steps for you to take to reach your goals.

The Works – £297

Let’s cover all the bases. Blogs are multifaceted by nature, and this package will look at all of those ever-so-important elements to help you build the best blog you possibly can. Covering everything from your brand values to your social media strategy, The Works will provide you with crystal clear insight into how to boost your blog.

This combined overview of your content, promotion and brand will highlight a clear strategy for improving your online presence and taking your blog to the next level. Here, we’ll look at defining your brand and translating your core values into content that fully represents 

In this package, you’ll receive a full overview of your content alongside an in depth analysis of your current social strategy. Together, we’ll conduct an audit of your overall brand and look at some suggestions for improvement. Throughout the process, well look at discovering, setting and reaching your goals as a blogger.

This package is the one for you if…

  • You’re ready to take your blog to the next level but you’re not sure how to get started
  • You feel like your blog is at a crossroads and you need a bit of guidance
  • You want to define and solidify your overall brand
  • You feel like your blog has stagnated and you want to kickstart growth
  • You’ve got goals for your blog in mind, but you’re stuck on how to reach them

If this is the package for you, getting started is easy. After booking in for your slot I’ll send over a selection of questions to help me dive deep into your blog and brand. The questions will cover all elements of your blog, encouraging you to look at what you want to achieve in the future and analyse the steps needed to get there. From this, I’ll pull together a personalised output packed full of practical, actionable steps for you to take to boost your blog and online presence.

Pic’n’Mix – Build Your Perfect Package for £297

Maybe you want a more tailored approach? Okay, I’ve got you covered. Everyone loves a pic’n’mix, so here’s one to stick your teeth into. Sure, it’s not quite as sugary as the one at the cinema, but it’s just as fun!

Pick 3 of the following topics: social media promotion, content creation, photography, branding, setting goals, starting an email list, launching a product/service, organisation, finding your audience, building community, working with brands, writing authentic content.

If the topic you’d like to cover isn’t mentioned above, get in touch and let’s have a chat about it. Maybe three isn’t your magic number? That’s okay, we can discuss a bespoke package with more (or less) topics, if that’s your sort of thing.

Once you’ve got your topics sorted, I’ll work with you to create a full overview of your current position, your upcoming targets and the steps you need to get there. We’ll work together to take a deep dive into what you want to do, and curate a structured strategy to move forwards.

This package is the one for you if…

  • You’re feeling stuck on a certain part of running a blog
  • You need to talk through an idea with someone impartial
  • You want to kick your blogging game up a gear
  • You feel like you need focused coaching on specific areas
  • You’ve got your next great idea, but you don’t know what to do next

Sound good? It’s easy to get started, just get in touch about the topics you want to cover and we’ll get you booked in for a slot. I’ll pull together some questions for you to answer, helping me figure out where I can best help you, and encouraging you to analyse your current position and where you want to be. Once you’ve answered these, I’ll get to work on creating your personalised output that will outline your current position, practical advice for moving forwards and the actionable steps necessary for reaching your goals.

Goal-getter – From £297 for 3 months

Growing a blog can be hard, and this package is here for bespoke, ongoing support along the way. Together, we’ll work out what you need to do to hit your goals, and then some. This monthly coaching package can be customised to your needs, and we can work together online or in person, if you’re in the Glasgow neck of the woods! 

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where to best invest your time, but together we can help you navigate the blogosphere with ease and skyrocket your online presence. We’ll devise a cohesive, ongoing strategy to get you, and your blog, where you want to be.

This package is the one for you if…

  • You want some ongoing accountability
  • You’re ready to think long-term about growing your blog
  • You need a helping hand with setting and achieving long-term goals
  • You’ve come to a crossroads with your blog and need someone to work through it with
  • You’re looking for some personalised, ongoing support when working towards your goals

To get started, we’ll work together to figure out the areas of your blog that you need the most support with. I’ll send over a selection of questions designed to get to the heart of your blog and look at the long-term goals you have in your head for your internet presence. From there, I’ll put together your personalised output covering all of your pain points and figuring out your next steps. Then, we’ll jump on a call (or grab a coffee if you’re in Glasgow!) and chat through your current situation and how to move forward. We’ll have regular catch ups to discuss the progress you’ve made in meeting your goals and how to overcome any bumps in the road.

To book a coaching package, send me an email at