The Best Brunch Spots in Glasgow

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s brunching. I’ve made it my life’s mission to find the best brunch spots in Glasgow, which is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Whenever I have something to celebrate, someone I want to catch up with or a spare hour in the city – I head for brunch. Call me basic, but brunch is life. 

After months of in-depth research, it’s time to share six of my favourite brunch spots in Glasgow. This list is not exhaustive, but these six brunch spots are definitely my favourites from 2018. I always share my favourite brunches over on my Instagram, and I’ll most likely pull together another round of brunch suggestions in Glasgow after I put some more to the test. 

Got a brunch spot in Glasgow you think I should try? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to my never-ending list!

Avocado on toast with bacon and poached eggs at Bramble Cafe Giffnock

Bramble – Giffnock, Southside

One of the greatest things that Jen and Hannah have brought into my life is Bramble in Giffnock. It’s a small spot, across the road from the new Lidl and just in front of Giffnock station, making it surprisingly easy to get to. Their menu has a selection of brunch classics like eggs benedict and stacks of pancakes, but the real winners are their twists and specials.

My favourite is probably the Halloumi Stack, which is piled high with halloumi, poached eggs and avocado, but I also love the Huevos Rancheros and the Chimichurri stack too. To be honest, it’s all delicious, and they’ve got excellent cakes to round it all off with. The coffee is top notch, they do a mean chai latte, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

Bramble is probably my favourite brunch spot in Glasgow, and I just wish I lived a little bit closer. It’s probably for the best that I don’t actually, or else I’d easily be in there every single day. It is small, so you’ll usually have to wait for a table, but I’ve never had to wait too long.

Flatlay of cheese on toast and a steak sandwich with coffee at Singlend Garnethill Glasgow
A chalkboard sign for Singlend Garnethill beside a flower pot

Singl-end – Garnethill and Merchant City

For the days where I’m looking for something closer to the city centre, Singl-end is always my first port of call for brunch in Glasgow. This year, they opened their second restaurant in the Merchant City, which is just as good as the original in Garnethill.

Singl-end has a great menu with classic brunch options, and their baked eggs are probably my favourite. They always have excellent specials on the go, and you can guarantee that their food will be packed full of taste no matter what you get. They have options for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free too.

Again, the freshly baked cakes at Singl-end are not to be missed. There’s always a great variety, and you’d regret it if you didn’t give them a go. I first visited the Garnethill restaurant at the start of 2017, and you can read more about my visit in my full review of Singl-end.

A giant stack of hot cakes from Potluck Glasgow, covered in toffee sauce, bananas and Iranian candyfloss

Potluck – Strathbungo, Southside

Oh Potluck, how I love you.

If you want hotcakes that are fit for the ‘gram AND taste amazing, then Potluck is the one for you. Like many of the best brunch places, especially in the Southside, it’s a really small restaurant and you will most likely have a short wait for a table, but there’s plenty of cute streets around about where you can kill some time with a wander.

The menu changes with the season, but you can always guarantee a creatively mouthwatering selection – particularly when it comes to their hotcakes. They have plenty of savoury options too, if your sweet tooth is taking a day off. Come for the aesthetically pleasing, showstopper food and stay for the deliciousness.

A pile of thick pancakes covered in bacon and maple syrup at Cafe Strange Brew, Glasgow
Baked eggs and potato served in a skillet in front of a stack of pancakes at Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow

Cafe Strange Brew – Shawlands, Southside

One of my biggest regrets in 2018 is that I only managed to visit Cafe Strange Brew twice. It’s another one of those Shawlands institutions that you can usually find with a queue out the door, but like the others, it’s definitely worth the wait. Many people are quick to call Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow’s best brunch spot, which I’d say is a pretty accurate description, to be honest!

Their menu boasts the usual brunch dishes, including delicious baked eggs and mouthwatering stacks of pancakes, all served up alongside excellent coffee by Dear Green (a common sight in many of Glasgow’s best brunch spots). Cafe Strange Brew make the most of local produce, and they usually have a great array of specials on offer that will leave you struggling to decide on just one dish to have.

At Cafe Strange Brew you’ll find plenty of options for vegans, meat eaters and everyone in between. I’ve never had to wait more than half an hour for a table which I think is perfectly acceptable for good brunch (and I’d wait longer), but I’d advise getting there early anyway just to be on the safe side.

A plate of waffles covered in peaches, raspberries and ice cream at Grain and Grind Glasgow

Grain and Grind – Battlefield, Southside

When I think of Grain and Grind, I think of the long hot summer we were blessed with, and the lazy Sunday morning when I went to catch up with Laura over beautiful waffles piled high with peaches and raspberries.

The menu has changed a little since my last visit in the summer, but it looks just as mouthwatering as what was on offer then. Grain and Grind offers a relaxing spot to grab a bite, with an all-day brunch menu and plenty to choose from. The waffles are unmissable, and if you’re in at the weekend then you have to pick up some Kitty’s Doughnuts which they stock by the counter.

It’s a gorgeous, airy space, where you can often spot a dog or two if you’re lucky. Their food is downright delicious, and you can tell that they put a lot of heart into their menu. 

Where do you think offers the best brunch in Glasgow?