10 Oct 2018

5 Happy Things

I was originally going to share a nice little ramble updating you all on what life looks like at the moment, but it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve had a funny few weeks/months (years too tbh) and after a bit of “blip” a couple of weeks ago I’ve been trying to focus on the good things instead. I realised it had been a little while since my last “happy things” post, so here we are.

It's been a really hectic time for me recently, but a lot of good stuff has happened that I really wanted to share. My blog is always the first to slip when I have a bit too much on my plate, so it's kind of been shoved to the back of my mind recently, but writing on here makes for a welcome change. It's my creative outlet for when I've been spending a bit too much time thinking about work and studying!

Even then, though, I do tend to end up writing huge posts that take forever and a day to put together, but I want to get back into the habit of sharing more quick updates like this. Although, I am still incredibly prone to rambling, so my version of "quick" isn't necessarily all that quick...

Enough rambling, let's begin.

3 Oct 2018

Everything I've Read So Far in 2018 - Part Three

Recently Reading Book Reviews | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

In my attempts to stop hoarding books, I’ve become a whole lot better at passing books on to friends or sticking them in the pile for the charity shop. What this means, however, is that I’ve been forgetting to keep my copies to photograph for my blog posts. It’s not the end of the world, and I can definitely work around it, but it’s making my decision to write my reading updates more often that little bit harder to fulfil!

My usual roundups tend to be quite long, as in the past I’ve been sharing them every 3-4 months, and I can read a lot in that time. I’ve still read a lot since my last update, but this will hopefully be a bit quicker than my usual posts! My reading has definitely taken a more academic turn since the start of term, so I probably won’t have as many good books to share over the next few months, but I’ll definitely be making these as regular as possible with my fluctuating reading habits.
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