The Ultimate “Lazy Girl Chic” Wardrobe Essential

How to style leather trousers casual outfit | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog
How to style leather trousers casual outfit | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog
How to style leather trousers casual outfit | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Do you ever make up an outfit in your head then get disappointed when it doesn’t actually exist?

Yup, me too. Flashback to winter 2016, when I was desperately hunting for the perfect pair of faux leather trousers, which I pictured wearing with a plain white blouse, a sassy leopard print biker jacket and my faithful old trainers. I don’t know quite who I thought I was, but I was determined to find this outfit and wear the shit out of it. Lo and behold, though, those leather trousers turned out to be ever the evasive wardrobe essential, and I just couldn’t find the pair.
The thing is, I love being comfortable. Like, really comfortable. So I wasn’t willing to squeeze myself into a pair of skin-tight leather trews and have my very own Ross Geller moment just for the sake of looking fashionable. At this point, leather trousers on the high street were pretty much limited to super skinny, super tight or super shiny – and that wasn’t the look I was going for.
But then, one day, everything changed. Back at the start of last year, I came across a pair of trousers hanging about on ASOS (as per usual). They weren’t too shiny, they had an elasticated, paper bag waist for those pizza binges, and most importantly – they were actually comfortable. I’ve worn them to death over the last year, and so here we are, with an entire blog post dedicated to the joy of these leather trousers.

Outfit Details

Trousers – ASOS (alternatives below!), Top – Monki, Shoes – Office
Bag – Kate Spade (this colour is out of stock – here are some alternatives
Necklaces – Kate Spade & Thomas Sabo (old)

Why you need a pair to call your own

I’ve been raving about the joys of these to everyone who will listen ever since I slipped them on for the first time. I think they really are my ultimate wardrobe essential (if we’re ignoring loungewear, that is). Although they might be “en vogue” at the moment, I definitely think they’ve got lasting power. I mean, I’ve had these for well over a year now, and I still reach for them weekly. But if my reformed fickle heart isn’t convincing enough, here are some more reasons you need to think about picking up a pair for yourself.

First off, they are comfy. This jogger-style in particular! These are the guys I reach for the days that I have to look vaguely presentable but I desperately want to be in my pyjamas. They make me look like I’ve actually put some sort of thought into my outfit when in reality I’ve just grabbed the easiest outfit I own. I guess my secret is out now, though… Chances are if you see me wearing these, I might be a tad grumpy due to sleep deprivation, or I just fancy a big tea.

Not only that, but they also fall in that ever elusive cross-section of the Venn diagram between comfortable and stylish. I’m very rarely willing to sacrifice my comfort for the sake of fashion, but with these trousers I don’t even have to. They are fantastically versatile, making them a dream for those rare occasions where I *gasp* out, but equally as perfect a pick for a Tuesday morning lecture or a quick dash to the shops.
And you know what? I like to think that they look pretty good. They make me feel that little bit cooler when I wear them (which is probably very uncool of me to admit) and I definitely have a bit more sass in my step as a result. Any piece of clothing that makes me feel sassy as hell is a winner in my eyes, and these trousers take the biscuit there.


The best choice for those dreary Monday mornings

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pair of trousers enough to write an entire blog post about them. I’d wear these every damn day if I could. They make each outfit feel effortlessly stylish, without any extra thought or effort on my part. Really, they are the ideal choice for those days where you’re standing in front of your wardrobe with no idea what to wear.
The people in my life are probably sick of the sight of these trousers, but I’m not going to stop wearing them anytime soon. Sorry, not sorry! Want to grab a pair of your own? I’ve scoured the high street looking for some more gorgeous picks. The best part is, they’re all under £45.

Oh, and a little shout out to these beautiful shoes which I nabbed in the Office sale at the start of the year. I’ve got a real soft spot for leopard print shoes and had been looking for some like this for yonks when I stumbled across them whilst I was killing time before a nail appointment. The little heel makes them super comfortable to wear (trust me, I ran through Manchester Piccadilly wearing these) and they really jazz up an outfit. £30 well spent, I’d say.

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Photos by the wonderful Claire White