25 Aug 2017

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Student Style Back To College Uni Wishlist | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Unfortunately, my summer is pretty much over, and second year officially starts next week. As excited as I am to have some routine (and my student loan) back in my life again, I'm kind of dreading the prospect of rush hour traffic, 9 am classes and the looming university application process. I haven't done anywhere near as much as I wanted to do this summer and I feel like this year is going way too fast already, so the fact that it's now nearly September and my final year of college is about to start has sent me into a bit of an existential crisis. This time next year I'll hopefully be going into my third year at university, so that is both cool and worrying.

Anyway, minor breakdown about the passing of time aside, a new year calls for a new wardrobe in my books, so here we are. I like a pretty laid back style for classes, with comfy trousers and slouchy tees being my favoured pieces, but I also like to bring in a bit of sass sometimes with lil' denim skirts and fun sleeves. I think I've got my "student style" pretty much nailed now, I know what I like and what I can be bothered pulling on for those early morning lectures.

Last year, I discovered my hidden love for trousers, in a big way. I'm still on that trouser hype, but I think I've got pretty much all of the bases covered in my collection now so I'm trying to buy fewer pairs this season. We'll see how long that lasts, though. I couldn't resist the Clueless-esque yellow check trousers from Urban Outfitters because I will always want to dress like Cher, and they feel like a slightly more subtle way of showing my obsession than a full on two piece skirt suit.

A new obsession, however, is my dungarees. I've wanted a pair forever and I finally found the perfect pair that fit like a dream (more on them soon, I promise) so I'm wearing them most days. There's something about dungarees that make me feel sassy, and all I want in life is to feel sassy, okay. Since buying my dungarees, though, I've realised just how few tops I have that work with either them or just my jeans. Plus, I replaced my crumbling old drawers with some shiny new ones and swiftly realised that I had a drawer and a half free to fill with tops, so that's the main category on my shopping hit list at the moment.

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Student Style Back To College Uni Wishlist | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

With Scotland being Scotland, knitwear and jackets always have to come quite high up my shopping list, no matter what the season. I feel like I've barely seen the sun in Scotland this year and bar a couple of nice weeks back in May the weather has been pretty rubbish. I have visions of myself kicking about in huge cosy cardigans with my cool dungarees, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect oversized knit to add to my wardrobe. Jacket wise, I don't have too many sensible jackets outside of my trusty leather biker and my little yellow raincoat, so I'm tempted to pick up a new denim jacket and a couple of winter-appropriate coats, too.

I basically live in trainers and they're the perfect choice for casual days at college, which has led to me eyeing up some cute new kicks for the new year. I have finally replaced my beloved Adidas Gazelles after nearly three years of just about daily wear, and as hard as it's been to say goodbye to the shoes that have come along on so many adventures with me, they were looking pretty tired. There was no way they would last another Scottish winter, not with the holes that I'd worn in the sole! I've replaced them with a pair of grey New Balance trainers instead, which I know I'll be getting plenty of wear out of.

Unsurprisingly, grey is one of my favourite colours for clothes, so a lot of my wardrobe revolves around it. I've been introducing a little bit more colour, but not too much of course, mostly in the form of graphic tees or pops of pink. I'm not afraid to say that I bloody love "millennial pink", as much as I hate the name, so there's a lot of that popping up in my wishlist too.

Really though, I'm mostly waiting for the regular 20% student discount at ASOS to start again, so that I can fill up my basket with some lil' treats on the regular. Someone should really take my bank card away from me, but I guess that even after dropping out of my fashion management course, my inner fashion student will never leave me. Or maybe I just love shopping, idk.

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