2 Dec 2016

Festive Fashion Picks - Christmas Jumpers

Funny Cool Christmas Jumpers 2016 | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

I'm going to hold my hand up and say that my Christmas jumpers have been making a couple of appearances pre-December, but I have a feeling I'm not the only one! Now that December is here (can you believe it?!) I feel like it's a little more justifiable, and I'm already looking at adding some more to my Christmas wardrobe. I've already treated myself to a little Spiced Girls themed number from Boohoo which was an absolute steal and makes me giggle every time I see it, but true to my shopaholic self I've been eyeing up a few more with both pop culture references and in a more traditional style. I do love a wee pop culture reference!

I have to say that the British high street has definitely upped its game when it comes to sassy Christmas jumpers this year, and it's no longer a task and a half to find something both funny and festive. Is it wrong to buy them all? Probably...

Obviously, I had to include a few more traditional festive favourites, of which there are plenty around! With Fairisle prints and sequins abundant, it's unlikely that you'll be stuck for options when it comes to cosy Christmas jumpers for this festive season - the only issue will be deciding which one to wear on the day itself. I'm feeling the Xmas & Chill loungewear set in the morning, followed by a swift change in to something with a bit of sparkle for the day, then a cosy classic for an evening curled up in front of the telly.


What Christmas jumper do you have your eye on this year?


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