5 Favourite Festive Films

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Christmas weekend is finally upon us and it’s pretty safe to say that the weather is more than a tad frightful – particularly in Glasgow! Storm Barbara has come to visit just in time for Christmas, which makes the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch with a festive film or two. Although I’m working for the next two days (Christmas in retail, woohoo), I’m so excited to spend my evenings catching up with some of my favourite Christmas movies whilst all cosied up inside. I have a fair few films that I watch year in, year out, with a mix of Christmas classics and a few more recent releases too, and here are five of my favourites.

1. Love Actually

Each year, on Christmas Eve, I settle down in bed to watch Love Actually before going to sleep. I’m not quite sure how this little tradition of mine started, but I’ve been doing it for nearly 10 years now and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon! It’s a classic British Christmas with lots of dry humour and a stellar cast, plus there are so many different stories to follow that this emotional roller coaster is sure to suck you in. 

2. Nativity

Up until recently, I hadn’t actually seen Nativity, but when I noticed it on Netflix I knew I had to give it a watch as my mum absolutely loves it. Much like Love Actually, Nativity is another typical feel-good Christmas film packed with British humour, which is clearly something that appeals to me! Watch as Martin Freeman puts his very own twist on the Nativity, with the pressure of a Hollywood visit on his shoulders, a slightly eccentric teaching assistant and a particularly enthusiastic class as the cast.
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10 Must Watch Christmas Films | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

3. Elf

I couldn’t write this list and not include Elf. Will Ferrell stars as a larger than life elf in possibly one of the most quoted Christmas films about. It’s both hilarious and heart-warming, making it a sure-fire way to get yourself feeling festive in time for the big day. I dare you not to sing along.
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4. It’s A Wonderful Life

In Glasgow, it’s a bit of a “thing” to go to the Glasgow Film Theatre and watch Christmas classics like It’s A Wonderful Life on the silver screen. There’s something about this timeless film that fills my heart with Christmas cheer, it’s so sentimental and will quite possibly move you to tears. It’s not one of those overly cheesy films that are super happy, but the tale of George realising the value his life has thanks to an angel is absolutely unmissable.

5. Arthur Christmas

Would it really be a round up of my favourite festive films if I didn’t include at least one starring Hugh Laurie? Or his voice at least… The cast isn’t the only reason I love Arthur Christmas, but it was the inclusion of Hugh Laurie that drew me to it in the first place so it’s only right that I mention it! My family and I went to see this at the cinema a few years back now and it’s one of those rare films that we all loved. This heart-warming tale of how Santa’s son, Arthur, saves Christmas by making sure no one misses out is the perfect film to watch with all of the family. I cried, but I cry at anything and everything.
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What’s your favourite festive film?