8 Nov 2016

Winter ASOS Edit

ASOS Winter Must Buys | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Okay, meteorologically speaking it's still Autumn, but it certainly feels like winter so it's time I started dressing for winter. I'm notoriously terrible at dressing for the weather, which is a bit of a hindrance when you live in a country as cold and wet as Scotland, but this year I'm making a conscious effort to be relatively more sensible in terms of my fashion choices. This is mostly due to the fact that I feel like I spend half my life waiting at bus stops in the windy wet weather but also partly due to the fact that I'll take any excuse for some new wardrobe additions...

In saying that, though, it's coming up for party season and the shops are definitely starting to reflect that. I can't say I have many parties on the horizon, but when did that ever stop me? I'm trying to resist the lure of pretty party dresses for now, but we'll just see how long that lasts...

ASOS Winter Must Buys | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

I feel like I've settled into a true student uniform of jeans, jumpers and trainers on a near enough daily basis, but in doing so I've realised just how few jumpers I actually have. Cute jumpers, at least, I certainly own plenty that are perfect for lazy days in the house. I've noticed a growing obsession with the colour yellow as it's a hue I'm consistently drawn to at the moment. Probably due to the fact that it's such a happy hue that really brightens up these dull winter days! I already have a little yellow rain jacket to keep my dry, but would adding yellow trainers be a step too far? Extreme colour coordination is totally in...

P.S. how adorable is the Lazy Oaf x Disney collection? I was beyond excited when I saw the Marie pieces, what a gal. I may or may not have already picked up a couple of pieces, but I could quite happily buy the entire collection right now.

ASOS Winter Must Buys | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Although my wardrobe has taken a turn towards darker shades, I'm still obsessed with the blush tones that have been on my mind since spring. I'm a girly girl at heart, and although my complexion means I don't suit most shades of pink, my love for rose gold shades will never falter. I've actually already ordered the gorgeous glitter bow heels pictured above and they are honestly the most beautiful shoes I've owned. There's an aura of Kate Spade about them, and I am so happy I gave in to temptation and bought them for myself. The perfect Christmas party shoes!

What styles are you loving this winter?


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