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I grew up with a computer, and for as long as I can remember I’ve had some sort of “internet presence”. My love for my computer started off with The Sims, which I still love well over a decade later, and progressed on to classic games like Catz and Dogz before I discovered the internet. I remember the days where you couldn’t use the internet and the phone at the same time, so I was often chucked off Yahoo messenger so that my mum could phone a family member or so that my gran could get through. I was part of the MSN generation, and although I was a little bit too young for Myspace I had Bebo, Piczo, Tumblr, the works. I had a fantastic MSN Space (does anyone else remember those?!) and I spent many an hour creating Bebo skins in exchange for the much coveted red “luv” hearts or putting together top notch celebrity edits for my Piczo page. I wasted more money than I care to admit on Habbo Hotel and Runescape, as well as developing a pretty bad-ass knack for sledging on Club Penguin. I mean, I even started properly talking to my now-boyfriend of nearly seven years on MSN!

What I’m saying is, the internet has always been a pretty pivotal part of my life, so it’s maybe only natural that I’ve ended up here with this blog which is now just as big a part of my life as my Sims addiction. The downside of that, though, and one of the only ones, is that I struggle to switch off. Particularly so because I blog about my life. I live, breathe and sleep internet. I dream about flatlays and memes and viral Vines. The internet has incited a burning passion for digital marketing and social media, which I’m hoping to build a career in at some point, but it’s also given me this strange inability to do nothing.

I love lazing in my bed, but no matter how hard I try I can never last more than an hour without grabbing my phone to scroll through Instagram. I’m nearly always on Twitter and people have always commented on how much I post across my various social networks. I’m relatively well versed in internet lingo, I can tell you the latest social media trends and crazes (can the mannequin challenge just end now or what?) but it’s not without its detrimental impact. Living in this new connected world brings about so many strange situations that just wouldn’t have happened before the advent of the internet. Social media can make you feel empowered, but it can also make you feel insecure. I value the ability to be connected with those I love in a few quick taps, but I can’t help wonder what I’d be like if it wasn’t for the internet.

Would I have read more books? Would I have actually learned all those skills I intended to? What would my friendship circle be like? How would I entertain myself without Netflix? What would I fill my evenings and weekends with if not blogging? Would my life be empty without cat videos?

To be honest, I hope I never find out. I know I’m hopelessly addicted to the internet, but that isn’t always a bad thing! I’ve been making a more conscious effort to take a step back from social media recently, and whilst it has worked to an extent, I end up missing it. What’s wrong with enjoying spending time on the internet, or wanting to be connected with what’s going on in the world? Sometimes I consider going cold turkey and having a full on digital detox, but I know it would never happen. I’m part of the internet generation, and I’m glad I am. I bet those people who used to tell me I tweet too much never imagined I could create a career out of my internet obsession, but here we are!

How would you define your relationship with the internet?