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Reading Round Up Book Blogger | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog
Reading Round Up Book Blogger | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog
For the longest time, I just didn’t pick up a book. I’m not sure why, because I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, but over the past few months I’ve just been that way inclined. I tried, but it didn’t happen, until the last couple of weeks in July saw me finally finish the book I’d started reading on the plane to New York and suddenly the bug was back. Since then I’ve been getting right back into reading with a whole host of topics, including a tell-all autobiography from Kris Jenner, the infamous #GirlBoss and even a couple of cookbooks. Here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve been reading recently, as well as a peek at the next few books on my list.
Let’s start with the non-fiction, as it appears I’ve been leaning more towards real life recently and two of my favourite reads of late have both been non-fiction. First up is Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian, which was a very well thought out birthday present from Morag. I love the Kardashians, and have spent many an evening engaged in hour-long discussions with Morag about their latest antics or whatever episode we’ve happened to watch that night, so I was pretty excited when she gave me this. As interested as I am in the Kardashians I don’t really know all that much about their matriarch, but this book was an incredible insight into how their story really started. There’s no denying that Kris Jenner is one determined individual and hearing all about the things she’s overcome in her life and how she’s risen to this worldwide media mogul with a superstar family gave a surprising look into their success. I think it’s well worth a read if, like me, you’re a fan of the Kardashian Klan, but equally so if not as it’s just a seriously interesting book.
#GirlBoss is hardly a hidden gem, having been raved about by bloggers, creatives and bookworms alike since it was first published. It had been on my reading list for the longest time but was always overlooked for other books until one day I took the plunge and finally ordered it. Before I got stuck in I had expected it to be a massively overhyped phenomenon that didn’t really offer anything of much worth, but after devouring it on my journey home from Paris I was converted to the ways of Girl Boss. Written by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, #GirlBoss shares some similarities to Kris Jenner’s autobiography in that it’s all about Sophia’s rise from a pretty dark place in her life to a global business extraordinaire, purely off the back of her hard work and determination. It’s a seriously motivating read and has had me considering exactly where I want to be in life and what action I’m going to take to get there. It’s sassy and brutally honest, it’ll suck you in and spit you out feeling like you can do anything. Go read it, you won’t regret it.
True to my food-loving form, I’ve been getting stuck into a couple of new cookbooks in an attempt to add some variety to my repertoire of recipes. I spoke a bit about Cravings by Chrissy Teigen in my birthday wishlist and in return was met with floods of praise for the supermodel’s selection of hearty recipes. Jam packed full of hearty meals for all occasions, with cuisines ranging from all-American burgers, Asian flavour sensations, Mexican stews and a whole host of Italian dishes for good measure. Not only that, but it’s also just damn funny. It’s not often you can say that about a cookbook, but Chrissy packs Cravings with an incredibly engaging energy that isn’t to be missed. Plus, there’s a whole chapter entitled “Shit On Toast”, so I’d buy it just for that alone.
I’ve also been loving Leon’s Fast Suppers, which has a whole host of recipes designed to be naturally fast food. This has been a lifesaver for those evenings where I just want something quick and easy, but don’t want to order in. I haven’t had a takeaway in over a month now, which I’m kind of impressed with! The recipes are uncomplicated, but still full of flavour. With burgers, pasta dishes, steaks, desserts and more it’s a perfect kitchen companion. 
Reading Round Up Book Blogger | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog
Reading Round Up Book Blogger | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Fiction wise, I’ve only actually read three books from the genre. Two I loved, the other not so much. I actually started reading Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin on the plane to New York as mentioned previously, but it wasn’t until I picked up my Kindle again on a stormy night in July that I really gave it a chance. A chilling thriller which focuses on the life of one young Texas girl who survived a serial killer, Black Eyed Susans is a bit of a slow burner that subtly builds the plot to the point that you will be kicking yourself when you figure it all out. It’s seriously gripping and somewhat reminiscent of Gillian Flynn, full of tension and suspense. I for one can’t wait to read more from Julia Heaberlin, and would thoroughly recommend Black Eyed Susans if thrilling drama is your kind of thing.

My mum and I have a relatively similar taste in books, so when she handed me a copy of Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris I was excited to give it a go. This was a really quick read for me, finishing it in just one night, and it sucked me in right from the very beginning. Jack & Grace seem to have the perfect life, but it’s not all as pristine as it appears on the surface. This book was pretty chilling, but also a little bit cliche and infuriating at times. I enjoyed it at the time, but looking back I can’t help but wonder just why a seemingly intelligent character makes such stupid decisions? I don’t know, but at the end of the day the book still had me desperate to know how it ended and what had happened to bring Jack & Grace to this stage in their lives.

On the other hand, however, we have The Mule by David Quantick, which I so desperately wanted to love. Wrongly accused of the murder of a mysterious girl who took an interest to him in some random dive bar, Jacky finds himself racing through Paris in the pursuit of the missing girl and the truth surrounding an untranslatable book she left in his possession. I’m not sure why, but I just couldn’t get into this book at all. I found it quite difficult to read and felt like I was really forcing myself through it, meaning it just wasn’t enjoyable for me. I’m going to go back to it with a fresh mindset in a few weeks, but for now, I’m going to leave it be.

Let’s finish on a high and talk a little bit about my love for Blogosphere Magazine. I’ve loved the magazine since it first launched, and was even featured in it at the end of last year, so when I realised that I’d somehow managed to miss not one, but two issues I quickly ordered them to catch up on. Blogosphere is a magazine for bloggers, by bloggers, and is a seriously great read. It’s always full of inspiration, tips and interviews with kick-ass bloggers to get stuck into, and each issue leaves me full of ideas and motivation to get blogging. A must read for bloggers and blog lovers alike!

Next up on my reading list is a book called Fuck It – Do What You Love by John Parkin, followed by The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight. Noticing a theme here? Both came very highly recommended and I’m really looking forward to spending the impending Autumn nights tucked up in bed with a cup of tea. I’ve also ordered Ctrl, Alt, Delete: How I Grew Up Online by Emma Gannon as it’s another raved about book that caught my eye. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on with them, obviously, but you can also keep up with my book updates over on Goodreads.

Have you found any great reads lately?