10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Blogger’s Boyfriend

After countless months of not-so-subtle hints I’ve finally talked my lovely boyfriend, Paddy, in to writing a little post about the life of a blogger boyfriend. 

Hi, I’m Patrick. You might remember me from such blog posts as 10 Happy Things, 72 Hours in Berlin and The Great Glasgow Burgerthon. Today I’ll be sharing exactly what it’s like to be a blogger’s boyfriend (BB). We never asked to be part of this online life, but we are now whether we like it or not. Being a BB has its ups and downs, so here’s my list of “things you’ll only understand if you’re a blogger’s boyfriend”…

1. “Will you take a couple of pictures for me?” really means  “can you take 100 more because I’m not sure about these ones, but I’ll eventually use the first 5. K thanks.”

Having to wait 5 minutes before each course of a meal so that the perfect picture can be taken (come on, I’m hungry over here!!!)

But you massively appreciate the fact that sometimes this does involve free food, trips and drinks. So it’s not ALL bad.

. When you get up at 7, go to work, come home at 6 and before you get a word in she tells you how rough a day it’s been drinking tea in her PJs all day by the computer while You’ve Been Framed has been on in the background all day. (not to mention cuddles with the cat)

 Being rudely awoken to a Snapchat story of unwrapping something they’ve been sent. Listening to a song in the car? NOPE. Let’s get a walk through of the hotel someone is staying in. If only looks could kill when you questioned what she was doing…

On that note, you’re expected to know who and what she is talking about when she mentions a blogger friend as if you’ve known them as long as she has.

BUT. You know she’s met some really cool people through the blog, became more outgoing and confident, and it’s something she loves so you’re okay with that.

You’ll often get to do things that you wouldn’t have planned doing before like visit Keswick, go to Airspace & Go Ape and find new places to eat like here and here.

 You’ll FINALLY give in and write a post like this after 8 months of dropping hints and 3 months of pestering.

Lastly, you’ll know you need to support and encourage even when it’s not going as well as she expected because she’s your girlfriend and that’s just what you do.

After dealing with this for 6 years now, I’ve even set up my own blog. It’s mostly about football, music, food and beer. It might not interest you guys but hey, the other blogger’s boyfriends might like it.