The Watch Wishlist

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I’d never been a big watch person in the past, but last year something clicked within me and I suddenly felt lost if I didn’t have a watch on my wrist at all times. I ended up picking up a Daniel Wellington which was a pretty classic style, tan stap and white face, but it broke a few weeks ago and I just never bothered replacing it. Now, I’m getting a bit fed up of not having a watch on hand when I can’t use my phone as an alternative, and so here we are.

Looking at the watches I’ve had my eye on, I have a pretty clear taste when it comes to watches. Lots of rose gold and pastel tones, usually on the smaller side and typically plain faced. I also seem to have expensive tase, with a fair few Kate Spade numbers on my list… what can I say, I just love Kate Spade!

Yesterday was payday, so I think I might just have to get myself a little treat and pick up one of these, but I can’t decide which! Let’s be honest though, it’ll probably be Kate Spade. It’s always Kate Spade.

L-R, Top to Bottom: Kate SpadeRosefield ASOS Olivia BurtonOlivia Burton

What style of watch do you prefer? If you’ve seen any gorgeous watches lately let me know in the comments – always on the look out for recommendations!