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There’s rarely a moment when my dads in the house and doesn’t have some sort of music playing, if it’s singing along in the kitchen whilst he’s making us dinner on a Saturday night or blocking out my mum and I watching Coronation Street by catching up on his favourite radio shows. My dad is the kind of person who, within seconds of a song starting, can tell you exactly what it is, who it’s by and the year it was released. He has a never ending back catalogue in his brain, which is always beneficial for the pub quiz!

Music is always something I’ll associate with my dad and when I was younger I could always rely on him to have the latest CDs for me to “borrow”. Our music tastes aren’t identical, but they are similar, and they do share in the fact they are a slightly eclectic collection of artists and genres. When it comes to occasions like Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas my first port of call when shopping for my dad is always HMV, between having the best high street selection of music alongside their books, DVDs and the selection of pop culture merch it’s nearly a one stop shop for shopping for my dad. If only they stocked Jagermeister, then I’d be sorted!

With that in mind, here are some of the songs that will always remind me of my dad and the artists that I know are a safe choice when picking up presents…

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Home; the first gig I went to with my dad was Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and so hearing their music will always remind me of when we went to see them together and they were surprisingly preachy.

Big Country – In a Big Country; there has been many an occasion where this song will come on the radio and as soon as my dad hears it it’ll be up full blast. Him and my mum have been to see Big Country quite a few times so hearing In A Big Country or Fields of Fire will always make me think of them.

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds; for some reason most people seem to be quite surprised when I tell them my dad’s a reggae fan, although to be fair I was surprised at first too, but he is. I could’ve picked one of the many reggae covers of current hits that I’ve discovered through him and Culture Clash but instead I went for a classic reminder that every little thing is going to be alright…

The Clash – Rock the Casbah; I don’t actually know why this song reminds me of my dad, probably because I know he’s a fan of The Clash, but it always has. It seems to make its way in to most of my playlists for some reason or another, it just makes me want to dance when I hear it!

The Killers – Spaceman; when I first discovered The Killers it was through my dad and his CD collection. I bought him a couple of them myself, but he was the instigator in my discovery of the band which I still love and for some strange reason I have a memory stuck in my head of sitting parked in his car in Manchester listening to their album Day & Age trying to figure out what the Spaceman lyrics actually meant… Yet I couldn’t tell you what I did last week – the things you remember, eh?!

Is your dad big on music like mine? Let me know his favourite tunes in the comments!

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