New York Photo Diary Part Two

In case you hadn’t already realised, I like to ramble a lot. I also love writing travel posts, so it’s no wonder that what I had intended to be one standard post has turned in to two mega posts and a video too… I’m not even sorry. Check out my New York Photo Diary Part One to see what we got up to on the first half of our trip, before getting stuck in to the second!

After fitting so much in to the first two days we were starting to get pretty tired by the time day three and four rolled around – rookie mistake – and the previously gorgeous weather had started to appear a bit more reminiscent of a Scottish summer, albeit slightly drier.

We started day three with a trip to a little diner just off of Times Square where we filled ourselves up with heavenly French toast and pancakes to set us up for the day. Saturdays are for shopping, and boy did we shop. After brunch the first stop was MAC where I picked up a few eyeshadows for my palette (at $6 each how could I resist?!) before heading off to Madison Avenue in search of the Kate Spade flagship. I’d been putting a little bit aside for a Kate Spade bag each month for a good while now, so finally being able to treat myself to the bag of my dreams was a pretty exciting moment. In fact, I got so caught up in the excitement that I came away with a purse too… After Kate Spade we wandered on down to Bloomingdales, where I picked up a new addition to my Pandora bracelet in the form of a Statue of Liberty charm (to match my Brandenburg Gate from Berlin) then set off in search of iced tea and cake in the Upper East Side.

Feeling suitably refreshed after an iced Raspberry Mojito tea from DAVIDsTEA we started to head towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we sat on the steps, a la Blair Waldorf, to watch the world go by for a while. If the queue hadn’t been so huge we might have popped in for a nosey, but who wants to spend their Saturday afternoon in a queue? Instead, we decided to cut across Central Park, churros in hand, to see the Natural History Museum before it closed. We were tight for time, so didn’t get to go in, but it was still cool to see regardless.

Dinner came in the form of fried cheese and pizza in Little Italy, the thought of which still makes me drool, before hitting up a local bakery for a late night tiramisu then heading home. It had started to rain by Saturday evening, so we hopped in an Uber (so much easier than I expected) and we were back in bed before we knew it.

Our final day in New York was a pretty chilled out affair, we were tired and had a 24 hour return trip ahead of us starting early the next morning. After whizzing through Greenwich Village in a taxi the night before, and having made a quick pit stop there for ice cream the evening before that, we decided to explore some more with a stop at Grey Dog for the best meal of the trip. I love brunch, and I sure as hell love fresh raspberry lemonade.

After we were suitably satisfied with our French toast (I love French toast okay) we started to walk in the rough direction of Union Square, with a rest stop on a bench opposite the dog park in Washington Square Park. So. Many. Puppies. We spent a good while admiring the dogs, cursing the fact that we couldn’t go in without one, before heading on over to the Flatiron once again, via Union Square, to check out the shops.

All shopped out, our final sight in the city was the High Line. The sun had just started to break through so joining the crowds exploring the disused subway line was the perfect way to end the trip. The views from the elevated track provided a whole new perspective on the city below, and sitting in the sunshine watching helicopters land by the Hudson wasn’t too shabby at all.

We were due to leave for the airport at 4am the next morning, and after a pretty nasty bout of food poisoning throughout the night meaning I didn’t get much sleep I was feeling a little bit tender. The journey home was the same route as my journey out, but with much longer layovers. Luckily I had Geraldine for company this time and although a bit of a bumpy landing on our first flight from La Guardia to Toronto had me clutching a sick bag, I started to feel a little bit more human as the day wore on. We arrived in Toronto just shy of 9am and had expected to be spending a very long nine hours in the airport, but much to our delight the agent at Border Security informed us that we could actually go out and visit the city so we hopped on a shuttle straight in to the centre of sunny Toronto.

Although we had quite a long layover we were very conscious of time – Toronto Pearson Airport is HUGE which was a little worrying – so after admiring the stunning views from the top of the CN Tower we made our way back to the airport. By this point, I finally felt able to eat, so I made the most of it with a last hurrah in Tim Horton’s before we boarded our flight to Halifax. Our final flight from Halifax to Glasgow felt like an age, but 24 hours after leaving our apartment we finally landed in Glasgow.

Note to self: next time, book direct flights.

I still can’t quite believe I’ve been to New York now, I’m so desperate to go back and see it all again! I’m thinking Christmas 2017… It gives my bank account time to recover.
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