10 Happy Things #9

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1. I mentioned it in my latest post, but I’m just so excited about getting in to college. It sounds like the environment will suit me so much better than my last course and the modules just genuinely grab my attention. Social media, copy writing, consumer behaviour, digital imagery… yup. Right up my street!

2. In another education related point, my lovely boyfriend passed his degree and is now graduating with a 2:1. I’m so proud of him and really glad all of his hard work paid off! Obviously we’ve already had a couple of meals to celebrate, but there’ll be yet another after his graduation ceremony next week too.

3. Speaking of celebrations, and Paddy, as of tomorrow we’ve been together for six years which I think is quite impressive. We’re both working so are saving the celebrations for the weekend, but I can’t wait to spend some time together to commemorate our achievements in putting up with each other for so long.

4. It’s a little over a month until my birthday which is always exciting! This year I’m turning 21 and so to celebrate I’m having a little shin dig with my nearest and dearest. Any excuse for a shiny new dress, eh?

5. My bank account has been feeling a tad fragile after shopping in New York, so I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home to find a letter saying one of my children’s savings bonds had matured and so was being deposited in to my account. Even though I’m sticking most of it in to my savings, it takes the pressure off a bit!

6. Thanks to the aforementioned windfall I’m finally going to upgrade my little TV in my room to something a bit smarter (i.e. with Netflix) and whilst I know it will probably result in a few more duvet days than usual, I’m already buzzing about all of the TV I can watch from bed after having a broken TV for a few years now. Priorities.

7. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently out of the house *gasp*, but it’s been so fun catching up with new and old friends over coffees and cocktails and cheeseburgers. I feel like I’ve been letting myself have a bit more me time which was very much needed, so it’s making all the difference.

8. This might go over the majority of people’s heads, but I’m finally at my fifth generation on my Sims legacy and it’s the furthest I’ve ever managed to get a family. I’ve not got the best attention span when it comes to my Sims families so I’ve been challenging myself and it’s been surprisingly fun! *geek moment over*

9. If you follow my YouTube channel then you’ll know that I’m partial to a little weekly vlog now and again, so I’ve decided to post weekly vlogs again in July. I love putting vlogs together and I’ve already got a few ideas for them, plus July is shaping up to be an exciting month – mostly thanks to my birthday.

10. I’ve been  totally feeling my content lately. That’s a totally weird sentence for me to write, but I’m genuinely really happy with what I’ve been working on recently and feel like I’ve really got my groove back. I’d struggled on and off with motivation since back before Christmas, but I think it’s well and truly back and is very “me”. Does that even make sense… who knows.

What’s been making you smile lately?

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