New York Bucket List

New York Bucket List | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog
All photos by Lis because she’s the best

It’s only five days until I head off on my big New York adventure, where I’ll be flying across the ocean to be reunited with my best friend Geraldine who’s been living in the States since the start of the year. I’m overflowing with excitement right now, as I’m sure you can imagine, and spending a week in the Big Apple pretending we’re in Gossip Girl is all I can think about.

With that in mind, I’ve been making a bit of a “bucket list” of the things I want to do in New York. It’s a fairly substantial list, that might take a few trips to fully complete, but I doubt I’ll be tired of the city after just one visit. Is it sad that I’m already hoping to go again next year?

New York Bucket List | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

True to form, I’m hoping to tick off some very typically tourist-like activities whilst I’m in the city. I want to take a ride in a yellow taxi, singing Big Yellow Taxi in my head whilst I do so, I want to visit Times Square at night just to witness the hustle and bustle for myself, I want to snap a photo of the Flat Iron Building which will obviously end up on my Instagram and I want to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge – which as we’re staying in Brooklyn will most likely happen. I also want to go boating in Central Park, see the Alice in Wonderland Statue, take photos at the bridge where Chuck & Blair got married and just generally marvel at this huge green space in the middle of a sprawling city.

Obviously, I want to head up to Top Of The Rock and ideally The Empire State Building as well. I’d love to go to Ground Zero and take it all in for myself, I want to go to Ellis Island and take the ferry past the Statue of Liberty. Also on my list of things to see is Grand Central Station, because it seems awesome, and I’d also love to see a show on Broadway if we can nab some cheap last minute tickets.

I think New York is going to be a pretty indulgent week when it comes to food, which is no suprise given my love for eating. I want to stuff my face with pizza slices and pancakes, I want to eat lunch on the steps at the Met, and I want to buy at least one hot dog from a street cart. I want to visit Levain and eat a cookie the size of my head and pick up some sweets at Dylan’s Candy Bar. I wouldn’t mind brunch at the Starlight Diner or cupcakes from a Magnolia Bakery either…

New York Bucket List | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

It wouldn’t be a New York Bucket List without some shopping thrown in for good measure, and boy do I plan to shop. I don’t think we’ll manage a trip to the outlets this year, but hopefully I’ll tick them off on a future visit. Otherwise, I’m excited to finally witness the wonders of Sephora with my very own eyes, as well as an obligatory trip to Ricky’s too. I can’t wait to see the iconic department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Barneys and Saks. I dream about wandering down Fifth Avenue and exploring cute little boutiques scattered about the city, and most of all I’m excited to finally treat myself to a little something (or maybe a few somethings…) from Kate Spade. Hey, it’s a birthday present to me, from me!

Other things I’d love to do include walking the High Line, watch the sunset from a rooftop terrace, explore Prospect Park in Brooklyn, walk through the McGraw-Hill Waterfall Tunnel, spot some tiny street doors and wander down Pomander Walk. My head is bursting with things I want to do and see, photos I want to snap and experiences I want to share with my BFF. Ahhh, five days has never felt so long!

New York Bucket List | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

So that’s just a *few* things I’d love to do in the city that never sleeps, but there’s probably a few that I’ve forgotten. I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’m heading to the USA in just a few days! Stay tuned for the whole host of blog posts I’m sure will emerge after I return, travel posts are some of my favourites to write so I’m looking forward to them already. Fingers crossed I manage to tick off a fair few things from my list!

If you have any recommendations, reviews, posts or videos about things to do and see in New York City then please send them my way – I’d love to add some more things to my list!