New York Bound

New York Bound Travel Review | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

As this (clearly scheduled) post goes live I’ll be about two hours in to my journey across the ocean to New York City. I’ve got total butterflies writing this post, I can’t quite believe it’s happening and I’m kind of amazed that the person who gets nervous getting on the bus is making a roughly 13 hour long journey to an entirely new continent solo. In a few hours I’ll be reunited with my best friend who moved out to the States at the start of the year, and together we’ll be exploring a city I’ve always dreamed about visiting. So much excitement!

Anyway, whilst I’m away there’ll be a few posts going up, but in case you fancy keeping up with my American adventure whilst it happens I thought I’d share everywhere else you can find me in the world of social media…

Twitter – I’m very guilty of live-tweeting my life, so I’ll most likely be sharing all of my excitement over on Twitter. If you enjoy excellent use of Hugh Laurie GIFs, then this is the place to follow me.

Facebook – I don’t use my Facebook page all that much because I find the algorithm infuriating, but if you enjoy having blog updates in your Facebook feed then this is the one for you. I occasionally post little extra snippets of what I’m up to on here, as well as all of my Instagram photos and blog posts!

Instagram – I’m pretty certain that Instagram is going to be getting a lot of use whilst I’m gone, so make sure you click that follow button to see all my holiday snaps. Expect plenty of food, the typical tourist sights and sneak peeks at my shopping hauls…

Snapchat – I haven’t quite decided how I feel about Snapchat yet, sometimes I love it and sometimes I just can’t be bothered, but I think that my story will mostly likely be full of updates of my journey and what we’re up to in the city, as well as any cute animals I see because DUH. My username is “dougallpants”, and if you want me to add you back then leave your username in the comments!

YouTube – Travel videos are some of my favourites to film, so true to form I will be vlogging my trip to New York. I’m really excited to share this experience so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out! Like I’d let that happen, anyway…

Otherwise, I’ll just see you when I’m back!