Saturday Share #21

Saturday Share | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog
  • Perplexed by Pinterest? This post by Jasmin covers all of the basics and is really useful for newbies
  • I’m so guilty of letting my blog get on top of me, despite it being a hobby, so this post by Sarah came at the right time: 5 things not to stress about when blogging
  • It is totally possible to have cool coloured hair that is in good condition, Ayden explains how
  • It can be difficult feeling like you’re not “good enough”, but this post about being average shows that you’re not alone
  • I feel like dark circles are the bane of my life right now so I loved this post about colour correcting makeup
  • Snapchat is all the rage in the blogosphere right now and I think this post sums up it’s popularity perfectly
  • Fallen out of love with your blog? Here’s how to rekindle the relationship 
  • Blog events can be so daunting – I’ve been attending them for years and they still scare me! Beki shared 10 ways to prep for your first blogger event which I’m still going to be using despite my first event being many moons ago…