2015 Reader Survey Summary

Reader Survey Summary & Response  | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

For the past few weeks I’ve been harping on about my reader survey, but the time has finally come for me to delve in to the results and share how it helped me. This year I received nearly a whopping one hundred responses, which is double the number of responses I had last year, so thank you so much if you took the time to fill it out!

About the Readers

I can’t stress enough how useful a reader survey has been for me over the past two years as it helps me get a better insight in to what readers want to see, and how I can fit that in with what I want to do! Plus, I’m totally nosey so I love seeing where you’re all from and how long you’ve been hanging out here. Surprisingly, the majority of the respondents had been reading my blog for over 12 months, which totally blew me away. Less than 15 respondents had been here for a month or less, and then there was an even split between 1-6 months and 6-12 months. This makes me very happy as I’m glad to see that some people stick around!

I wasn’t surprised to see that the majority of my readers are based within the UK, but some of the other countries mentioned included Hong Kong, Canada, Sweden, Croatia, Spain and the USA. Apparently, half of my readers are aged between 20-29, just over a quarter between 18-20 and the rest are either 17 or younger or 30 or older. This isn’t all that much of a surprise for me, because I figured that my blog would have the most appeal for people in a similar age bracket to myself. Only two people who filled out my survey are male, which I guess makes sense for a beauty and fashion blog.

One of the most interesting things for me was to see the other blogs that my readers visit on a regular basis. This year there was a huge variety mentioned, but a few of the names that popped up regularly included: Water Painted Dreams, The Sunday Girl, Dorkface, Becky Bedbug, Robowecop, Kate La Vie, Beauty and the Boy and The Black Pearl Blog. I’m pretty flattered to be included with some amazing blogs like theirs!

Reader Survey Summary & Response  | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Content on Colours & Carousels

Okay, on to the more content based stuff.

So 93% of people responding to the survey said that they enjoyed the lifestyle content, which was a pretty huge number in comparison the other options (fashion, beauty and recipes) which each got roughly 35%. Something that was mentioned a lot in the “other” section was travel, which is pretty good considering it’s something I want to include a lot more of in the future so I’m glad it went down well. Ginger also got a mention or two, which is fine by me.

When asked what they’d like to see in the future a lot of people mentioned more personal posts, which again is something I plan to include, with particular requests for university, opinions and rants. Suits me! A few people mentioned the Burgerthon and more reviews of places in and around Glasgow which I’m very happy to say are definitely coming. The Burgerthon had to take a bit of a break over the past few weeks because of my health, but it’ll be business as usual soon. As well as the return of the Burgerthon, I’m also considering resurrecting my blogging tips series from a more personal aspect – i.e. more about my own blogging process and experiences – so if that’s something you’d like to see then let me know!

Basically, the next few months are going to consist of lots of lifestyle, lots of food, hopefully lots of travel, some interiors, some personal rambly chatty posts and the usual beauty & fashion content that you know and (should hopefully) love. I’ll never be able to limit myself to just one “niche”, but it seems like people get that!

General Feedback

Before I start to wrap it up, here are few comments I wanted to respond to from the general feedback section:

“I’ve actually really loved your posts this year. I did write constructive criticism last year but you’ve taken it on board.” – Thank you so much! I’m really glad you think so. I tried my best to take on everything that was said last time, so it’s nice to know that it worked.

“I love when you recommend other blogs, you have never recommended one that I don’t love reading! so thank you!” – This is one of my favourite things to do, so comments like this make me smile!

“I absolutely love the youtube side, however sometimes the music inserts play louder than hearing the voice, so maybe finding a volume balance between the two would help develop the videos. x” – Thanks for the feedback! I’m always worried about getting the right balance with the music on my videos, so I’ll definitely work on that one.

“More on your cat please. And maybe you could do some more savoury recipes that you could test on your family at tea time.” – Okay, mum!

“LOVED your thoughts on travelling alone. LOVE your photography. For me there’s nothing I would change, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog after discovering it via Insta :)”

“Really enjoyed the day trip vlogs, you have a natural talent for youtube videos and should stick to it despite the effort they take.”

“Just more chatty posts really. Your writing is great and you seem to be lovely; this shines through and makes it really enjoyable to read x”

These three are such huge compliments to me, so thank you so much.

Honestly, the general feedback section did make me tear up a little bit. So many kind things were said and it was a little bit overwhelming. I’m prone to not giving myself enough credit sometimes, so to hear that people actually value and enjoy the work I do means so much. UGH EMOTIONS.


So this is getting a little bit long winded now and I’ll just cut it off here before I ramble on for pages about how much I love you all. A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey and even read my blog in the first place. You are the best. x