4 Jan 2016

2015 Lifestyle Favourites

2015 Lifestyle Favourites | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

To round off my round ups it's time to pay tribute to those bits and pieces that don't quite fit in any one category. Sure, I could have gone on for weeks with individual posts dedicated to my favourite candle scents, my preferred methods of being able to see, how I choose to carry all of my crap around with me... I think you get the point, but instead I decided to squish it all in to one post and deem them to be my "lifestyle" favourites. I feel like my real lifestyle favourites should include air, having a roof over my head and a fridge (half) full of food, but hey - that's blog life!

My beautiful Ted Baker bag hasn't really left my side since I got it for my birthday and surprisingly it is still pretty clean! It's the perfect size for me as it can accommodate my tendency to carry everything but the kitchen sink with ease. It's sturdy and just downright beautiful, with a pretty little printed clutch as a bonus.

If you watched my 2015 TV Favourites video, which you really should have, you might have noticed me mention the nifty Now TV box. As a Virgin Media customer I used to miss out on a lot of programmes that Sky had claimed for themselves, but this box has given me access to hundreds of incredible shows and movies such as Fortitude, Wayward Pines, The Blacklist & every episode of Modern Family ever. It keeps me busy, that's for sure!

2015 Lifestyle Favourites | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

It just wouldn't be a favourites post if I didn't include some sort of candle, so my choice for the year just has to be Flamingo Candles. Having had a fair few candles & wax tarts from them throughout the course of the year it's safe to say that they are some of the best value for money in terms of delicious, room-filling scents. Particular favourites included Rose & Marshmallow and the Vanilla & Spice scent melt. I think 2016 will be the year that I finally join their subscription service The Melt Crowd as it seems like brilliant value!

I think it's a bit weird to be including a pair of glasses in my favourites, but my Telford frames from IOLLA have been one of my must have accessories throughout the year. I shared a bit more about my experience with IOLLA in this post, and in my opinion they've totally revolutionised the glasses shopping experience. I don't see myself trading these frames in any time soon but I know that if I do I'll be going back to IOLLA!

2015 Lifestyle Favourites | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

That Lame Company first came in to my life in the form of The Big Box of Lame, and since then it's been a whirlwind love affair. I also treated myself to my phone case and The Winter Box of Lame (photo here) which was once again jam packed with wonderful pieces! It's clear to see how much effort goes in to these boxes and the rest of their products, so I'm determined to keep supporting That Lame Company throughout the year. They've been pretty key to organising my life thanks to my weekly calendar deskpad and my to do list desk pad so I'm excited to treat myself to a few more bits when my bank balance has recovered from December!

2015 Lifestyle Favourites | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

I make no attempt to hide my love for Claire Barclay Draws, and everyone knows it! Not only did she design my blog header, but I also have a considerable collection of her work and have added a couple more pieces since Christmas... oops! Much like That Lame Company I just adore Claire's aesthetic and am obsessed with her work. She's insanely talented and I can't wait to have a flat of my own to fill with even more of her prints!

What else did you love in 2015?


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