1 Jan 2016

2015 Bath & Body Favourites

2015 Bath & Body Favourites | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

When it came to last year's bath & body favourites there were two brands that really stood out to me. I really thought there would be more, but when rummaging through my stash to find my front-runners it became pretty obvious that Lush and Soap & Glory were the clear winners. My collection of products from each brand is totally taking over the bathroom (much to my Mum's dismay) and it's safe to say that their beautifully scented offerings will be joining me lots in 2016!

2015 Bath & Body Favourites | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Soap & Glory have so many products I love, with many of their make up offerings consistently making my favourites as well as dominating my Christmas list. With their iconic pink packaging and array of gorgeous scents it's no wonder that my bathroom is looking rather pretty in pink!

I decided to limit my self to just two products, which ended up being a hand cream and a foot cream... Hm! You will always find a tube of Hand Food in my bag and it'll more than likely be in the Sugar Crush scent, which is by far my favourite scent of the lot! Hand Food is one of the only creams I've found that isn't too greasy to use on the go but still works its magic on my tired paws.

On the other hand (or foot) I also love Heel Genius. It's no secret that I hate my feet and my painful, cracked heels are often causing me bother. I've tried so many creams intended to sooth and repair, but none have worked for me quite as well as Heel Genius. Now if I could just get it in the Sugar Crush scent...

2015 Bath & Body Favourites | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

It was difficult to pick just two products from Lush, but in the end I went for the two that I have loved consistently month in, month out for a very long time now. Although The Comforter Shower Cream is a relatively new addition to the Lush line up, I have been obsessed with the original Comforter Bubble Bar for longer than I care to admit. There's something about the scent that I just cannot quit. Berry bath hugs for life.

Since first discovering Candy Mountain three years back it has been my little treat a little bit too often. It's exclusive to the Christmas collection - much to my annoyance - but as soon as October rolls around I start stocking up for the year ahead. After all of the drama with the Boxing Day sale this year I'm left with a slightly smaller stash than usual, so it will have to be rationed a bit more, but that will just make it an ever better treat when the time comes around.

What bath & body products make your favourites for 2015?


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