Christmas Eve Essentials

Christmas Eve Essentials | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

Christmas Eve Essentials | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog

In stark contrast to previous years, where you would have found me yearning for Christmas from mid-November, I’m really struggling to believe that it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow. A quick scroll through Twitter suggests that I’m not the only one, with many blaming it on the weather, but I’m blaming it on the fact that this year has sped past at lightning speed. How are we mere days from a brand new year when it feels like July was last week?! With Christmas Eve a few hours away I thought it was time to talk about how I like to spend that all important day. A last ditch attempt to feel festive, if you like.

My original plan for Christmas Eve was to spend the day working, then return home at a silly hour, run a long, roasting hot bubble bath with all the Lush, then snuggle up in a pile of blankets and pillows and fall asleep watching Christmas films. Life, however, had other plans and instead the dreaded Christmas Eve in retail shift is off the table, which isn’t the worst thing to happen, but the bubble baths are also a no-go for me too. I’m considerably more devastated about the bubble bath, I’ll have you know…

So, what’s the new plan? Although the novelty of a duvet day has diminished considerably after nearly six weeks of every day being a duvet day, I’m going to have a duvet day! Armed with a plethora of suitably festive films such as Elf and Arthur Christmas, you’ll be finding me tucked up under my big cosy duvet on the couch, spending the day in my cosy Christmas pyjamas and drinking mountains of hot chocolate topped with oodles of whipped cream and millions of mini marshmallows. My perpetually cold toes will be nice and toasty in my new slippers from Wynsors and I’ll have my newest Christmas candle burning. I don’t care if fairy lights slow down my WiFi, I’ll be too busy in my makeshift twinkling grotto to even care. Apart from when I want to Instagram my stack of snacks, including homemade mince pies and as many Chocolate Oranges as I can stomach.

Once the festive films grow tiresome I’ll switch over to YouTube for a while and catch up with the never ending stream of Vlogmas videos. Seeing how other people get excited for the holidays is a pretty good way to make me feel a bit more festive! If I ever manage to get ahead of my subscription feed, I’ll maybe indulge in a spot of seasonal baking. Rocking around the kitchen with Smooth Christmas on the radio whilst making some sugar cookies is a wonderful way to see in the big day.

And after all of that, I’ll tuck myself up in bed and watch Love Actually, like I do each and every year. Some things never change!

Are you feeling suitably festive at the moment, or are you a bit more of a Grinch like me? I’d love to hear how you’re combating the Christmas Blues and how you like to spend your Christmas Eve!

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