Thoughts On Travelling Solo

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Going it alone isn’t something I’m a often fan of. As much as I love my own space to hide out in my room and relax, having to be out in the “real world” alone fills me with dread, so I was slightly surprised by my decision to visit Liverpool by myself.

When the day itself rolled around I was pretty nervous. I could cope with the travelling part, I love nothing more than getting stuck in to a good book or watching the world zoom by on the train, but what about when I got there? What if I couldn’t find the hotel? Would they understand my accent? Would I understand their accent?!

Well, I did get lost on the way to the hotel, but Google Maps was my saviour. The locals that I interacted with seemed to be able to understand my accent perfectly well, and I remembered why I love the Liverpool accent so much.

I loved the freedom of being able to choose what time I got up (early), what I wanted to spend the day doing, what attractions I wanted to visit and what time I wanted to head to bed (again early), but I’m still not sure I love solo adventures.

Having time to myself – to indulge in whatever I saw fit and at my own pace – was amazing. I hadn’t quite realised how much it was needed! However I found myself wishing I could share my experiences with someone, that I had a partner in crime to run around the city like mad with and have a giggle at just how much that tour guide looked like someone in a TV show I like.

For me though, the real issue was food. I’ve never really thought twice about seeing people eat alone, but when it came down to it I just couldn’t face the thought of people watching as I ordered the cheesiest thing on the menu, or the servers asking me if I was waiting on someone. I thought this would be fine for me – as it’s not like me to let something get in the way of me & food – but instead I yearned for someone to debate the menu with, or someone to order chips that I could steal. It seems like such a trivial thing, but despite my love for eating out, eating out alone is definitely not for me.

So, after giving it a go I think I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe day trips are the way forward. Or maybe I should just plan ahead and make sure I have company for all meals? Who knows. At least I tried it out, that’s more than I ever thought I would do!

Why does food always rule my life?!