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This may as well just be called a camera wishlist… Whoops.

Much like my make up, it would appear that all of my technology is going to conk out at the same time. With a painstakingly slow laptop, a Kindle that refuses to charge and a camera that makes some very odd noises, it’s safe to say that my list of desired purchases is seriously racking up.

Let’s get the cameras out of the way, shall we? I’ve used a Nikon D3100 for nearly 5 years now, and it shows. I love it to pieces but it now boasts the unique ability to make very strange noises – even whilst switch off – and it seems to overheat quite quickly. I’m torn between upgrading to a new DSLR or just going for a compact systems camera, with my current two choices being the Nikon D5200 or the Canon G7X. Both have their pros, but they’re also both pretty pricey pieces of kit. I like the portability of the G7X, which still packs a punch despite being quite small, however I don’t think I could give up on the functionality of an SLR quite yet. In an ideal world, I’d buy both, but I’m still waiting for that lottery win!

My constant state of wanderlust results in me spending many an hour watching travel videos on YouTube, so it was only a matter of time before a Go Pro ended up on my wishlist. Whilst I’m not known for my adventure holidays (yet) the appeal of such a small, durable camera isn’t lost on me. I actually nearly ended up buying one in the airport during the summer and really regretted not doing so, but with no major holidays in the pipeline – apart from a secret European adventure in January – I think it can wait for a while.

Now that the dark nights are rolling in you’ll more often than not find me curled up in bed reading, but over the weekend I noticed that my Kindle appears to have stopped charging. I could cope without a Kindle as I still love physical copies, but it’s hard to deny the ease of carrying a whole library in one tiny device – and saving a fortune on books too! I love my current Kindle (which I reviewed here) so would probably opt for the Kindle Paperwhite again should it need replacing. I’m hoping this won’t be the case though!

I’ve had my iPad for over a year now and still love it to pieces, but the case I ordered alongside it is looking a little worse for wear. Whilst not exclusively technology, I do love a good accessory. I can’t quite decide what type of case I’d like, but this monochrome triangle pattern certainly caught my eye.

The most expensive thing on my list, by far, is an iMac. My laptop just isn’t cutting it any more and it’s sluggish nature makes it a struggle to get anything done. I definitely want to move to a desktop based computer next and as much as my brother tries to persuade me to go for another Windows computer I much prefer the iOS. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey! Although, that could be said for nearly everything in this post…

What’s on your wishlist at the moment?