Five Haircare Heroes

5 Haircare Heroes | Colours and Carousels - Scottish lifestyle beauty and fashion blog

After lightening my hair back in the summer, it wasn’t in the best condition. My hair is naturally very dry and frizzy which I’ve been fighting to control ever since I can remember, but after being exposed to the harsh chemicals it was on a whole new level of uncontrollable. Because of this, I’ve been experimenting with a fair bit of haircare recently and luckily I’ve found some haircare heroes that I had to share.

In the past, I’ve not been the biggest fan of Lush’s haircare. I didn’t feel like it was their strong point, with a lot of the products I had tried not working well for my thick, dry hair. The only hair product that I would rave about from them was the I Love Juicy clarifying shampoo which works wonders when it comes to clearing build up. I like to use a lot of dry shampoo, so a good clarifying shampoo is essential to properly clean my hair.

Recently, it would appear that they’ve added a few new products to their haircare range and one of the highlights has to be the hot oil treatments. There are three types in the range, which all sounded like they’d suit my hair, but I picked up Damaged as it seemed like the most relevant at the time. It’s a bit complicated to use, but boy is it worth it. After leaving this on my damaged ends for about half an hour it gave my hair a much needed shot of moisture without adding any excess weight. There was no greasy residue and my hair still felt clean, despite it being the kind of product that seems like it will be impossible to remove. I did have to use the entire bar to coat my hair, so that does make it a bit pricier, however it was a lovely little treat that’s perfect for a pamper night.

A while ago, I was obsessed with a curl activating styling spray from Umberto Giannini, but much to my dismay it ended up being discontinued (as mourned in this post). Since then, I’ve struggled to find a spray that I can use to give my curls a boost for both wet and dry hair, but after trying the Instant Curls Revitalising Spray from Beauty at Creightons I think my search is over. Costing less than two pounds, this bargain spray gives my curls a new lease of life without the need for styling tools. It’s been coming in so handy recently, as my hair is getting a little bit too long and struggling to hold a curl as well as it usually does thanks to the weight. It’s kind to my colour and doesn’t leave an awful sticky coating, so a purse pleasing winner all round for me.

5 Haircare Heroes | Colours and Carousels - Scottish lifestyle beauty and fashion blog

As someone with typically dry hair, I always make sure I have some sort of deep conditioning treatment on hand. It took me a while to get on the coconut oil bandwagon, but since picking up this tub from Superdrug for a mere £2.29 it’s safe to say I’m a convert. It can be used in so many ways, but I tend to smother my dry ends in the oil before bed, leave it to sink in overnight and wash away the residue in the morning. My hair has never been in better condition when it’s been bleached, it’s just incredible.

The Tresemme Thermal Recovery masque is a product that I have raved about before, but much like the Superdrug coconut oil it’s too cheap to ignore. Although it typically retails around the £5 mark, it can more often than not be found on a half price or less offer in most supermarkets. If my hair is particularly dry I use this as a normal conditioner and it makes a world of difference! It conditions, repairs and rejuvenates without weighing down my hair and it’s one that I will always repurchase when it’s on offer. Right now it’s only £2.43 in Asda, or you can get three tubs for £6! Absolute steal if you ask me.

What are the must-haves in your haircare arsenal?

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