Accessorize Autumn Wishlist

Accessorize Autumn Wishlist | Colours and Carousels - Scottish lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog

Last week I was wandering around the city centre trying to kill some time before an appointment when I decided to pay Accessorize a quick visit. It had been a while, and whilst I didn’t really need a new bag or jewellery – but when did that ever stop me – I fancied having a peek at their latest offerings. I was actually quite surprised by how much of the current range I loved, and made a mental note to put together a little wishist so that I could share some of the main pieces that caught my eye!

As a self confessed cat lady it was hardly likely that the Metallic Cat Purse would be able to hide. Dinky and metallic, it’s an adorable little coin purse that I would snap up instantly if I ever used a coin purse. Do people still use coin purses? Regardless, I love it and might just buy it anyway.

Back in July I received a gorgeous new purse for my birthday, however that didn’t stop the Rose Gold Wallet catching my eye. Me wanting things I don’t need will probably be a common theme in this post, BUT JUST LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. The hoarder inside of me says to just buy it and save it for when my current purse bites the dust, but the part of me that hates to part with my money is standing her ground – for now. It’s an ongoing battle.

Alongside my purse, I also got a gorgeous new bag for my birthday, however with it being white it’s not always the most practical for all occasions. That’s where the Burgundy Pocket Bag and the Grey Pocket Bag come in! Despite looking brown in the picture, that bag is definitely a gorgeous heather grey in real life. I don’t quite understand why it’s not coming across on the site… Both look a great size for carting all of my wordly possessions around, seem to fit my camera and are beautiful colours. Exactly what I look for in a bag!

So, the Chocolate Milk Bag definitely isn’t something that I would consider practical, but as someone who is yet to add a novelty bag to her growing collection it certainly caught my eye. It’s kitschy and cute, yet still a somewhat decent size! Plus it’s not a clutch, which so many novelty bags seem to be nowadays. Win!

I could easily spend hours browsing Accessorize’s jewellery range as they have some incredible pieces in all year round, but the few that really stood out to me on my recent visit were the Ring Stack, the Beaded Necklace and the Cascade Necklace. I rarely wear rings, as I have childlike hands that are too small for most high street offerings, but the cute little stack seemed like it would make the perfect finishing touch to an Autumn outfit without overpowering my fingers or being too audacious. I have so many necklaces that I’m running out of space, but there was something about the colours of the two necklaces that I’ve picked that I couldn’t quite ignore.

What shops are you loving at the moment?