10 Happy Things #5

10 Happy Things | Colours and Carousels - Scottish Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty Blog

1. The happiest thing by miles is still having my baby cat by my side. At the start of the month he was really ill, and it didn’t look good at all, so we were preparing for the worst. Luckily, he surprised us all and managed to pull through a pretty nasty infection. With him being nearly 17 years old every little illness is a big worry for us, so I’m really thankful that he’s still here.

2. Now that my friends are all back at university I feel like I never see them, but I’ve managed to sneak in a few little mate dates that have made me smile.

3. The weather in Glasgow is miserable right now, but I kind of like it. It gives me an excuse to hide in the house with whatever catches my eye on Netflix.

4. Lush have released their Christmas range – wooooo! I’m going to be stocking up on Candy Mountain, my all time favourite bubble bar.

5. I’m spending the week in one of my favourite places, Manchester, seeing my family and doing what I do best – shopping!

6. I managed to make it through the month without going in to my overdraft at all! I try not to use my overdraft and it makes me quite nervous to be even a penny in to it, so it was a nice feeling not to see my balance in negative figures.

7. My mum booked tickets for us to visit The Cake and Bake Show at the end of the month and I am so excited!

8. My boyfriend’s birthday isn’t until December, but I’m ahead of myself for a change and have his present sorted already! I’m taking him away for a week in January, but it’s a surprise…

9. I’ve been loving having a nosey at peoples’ lives through their Vlogtober videos and decided to try it myself! I’ve only uploaded one week so far, but I really enjoyed it.

10. I’m feeling really motivated right now, which makes a change from the burn out I’d been experiencing over the summer!

What’s been making you smile this week?