Referendum Revisited

(photos taken by Lis of Last Year’s Girl)

Last Friday marked one year since the Scottish Independence Referendum, and despite sharing a few posts on my thoughts in the run up the referendum I never really concluded my final thoughts or indeed what I ended up voting on the day. To commemorate the first year after the vote I thought I’d get a few other Scottish bloggers involved to share their thoughts on the outcome and what they wish for the future…

In the end, I voted yes. I still remember the day so clearly, I had just finished a horrendous night shift and drove home in tears trying to figure out what box to tick on the ballot. I went down to the polling station as soon as it opened, as I had to travel up to Aberdeen that morning, and stood in the booth trying to decide for a few minutes before deciding. I was so split between the two that I decided I wouldn’t mind either outcome and in the end I figured that change, though it is scary, is more often than not a good thing. I was somewhat disappointed when the resulting majority voted no, but as time has gone by I’m confident that independence is in Scotland’s future.

Liam from Liam Likes voted yes too, and this is what he had to say:

I voted yes because I feel that the current system that we have with Westminster is broken and there’s no hope in it changing. I think the Scottish Government could do so much more good for us as a nation than the UK Government ever will. The day of the vote was full of energy and excitement, the day after was as if someone had sucked all the air out of the room. I was so disappointed, I felt that we had thrown away the opportunity to build a better nation. I would have loved the vote to have been a yes but it wasn’t and we have to respect that. I am hopeful for another vote sometime in the future but not for at least a few years. I do think independence will happen, Scotland seems to be going in a very different direction from the rest of the UK so I’m hopeful and at least we have a Scottish Government who actually cares about the people.

Morag of Mo’Adore voted yes, despite being a strong no originally:

It’s not much of a secret that last year I voted yes, despite having been a strong no for years beforehand. In my heart I wanted to vote no (to remain British) but the logical reasons were piling up that Scotland would be better off without Westminster (and if you’re thinking “logical reasons for independence? What’s this one on about?” then you weren’t researching hard enough). These days I’m still feeling the same. I don’t believe in Scottish independence because of nationalistic principle, I believe in it because I feel Scotland would be better going alone. And despite the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn which could tilt the political direction of the UK, Westminster has done little to convince me of why Scotland should remain.

On the other hand, Jodie from A Little Bit Young voted no:

I voted no. It was a decision made more with my head than my heart, however I patriotic I am, I see the securities of staying in the union. A year on, I feel the same and was happy with the referendum result. The outcome of the General Election in May and slide towards SNP shows that as a nation, Scotland wants the promises of the Smith Commission to be fulfilled. 

Lynnsay from The Sartorial Scot voted no:

I voted No last September and it wasn’t a difficult decision for me to make. Economic factors aside, I see myself as being both Scottish and British – I felt that if we left the UK I’d be losing a part of my identity. When the result came out of course I was relieved but the country was basically torn in half and people I considered friends were talking about ‘no voters’ in such a terrible way. I understand it was a disappointing result for so many people but we are still one nation and one country, it should have been a time to come together and not grow apart. However, now a year on, I feel like both sides have pretty much built their bridges. My opinion is still the same, I don’t want to leave the UK. But I think it will happen someday and I really hope it works out if it does. We are all Scottish and want what is best for our country – whether we are Yes or No voters.

Ruth from Urbanity was another yes voter:

I voted Yes because people across the world throughout history have fought and died for the right to their independence, but all we had to do was put an ‘X’ in a box. I was obviously disappointed by the result but I understood that maybe Scotland wasn’t quite ready and it wasn’t the right time. A year on, I think momentum has only grown stronger due to backlash against the Conservative Government.

Ma gal Lis of Last Year’s Girl voted yes too:

I was undecided for a long time, but since I decided I was voting yes I never looked back – and I would do it all again tomorrow. Politics can feel like something far off, that makes no difference to ordinary people’s lives, but the truth is it touches everything that we do. The referendum brought that home to me, and I think to Scotland. For the first time, we were having a say in whether we could bring government home, and have every decision affecting Scotland made in Scotland. I think that feeling has stayed, certainly among the people I have spoken to, since the referendum, whichever way they voted – and I hope it stays that way.

And finally, Sally from Style Postcode voted no:

I decided to vote no – at the time I felt this would be the best choice for my future, a little selfish maybe, but I felt that there were a lot of unanswered questions that did not justify a yes vote. At the time of the no vote being announced I was both relieved although strangely a little bit sad as I witnessed the Scottish people coming together. A year on, I am still happy with my no vote decision and feel that it was something that was meant to be at the time. I am still happy to see that Scotland are being given more say towards their affairs and if I could see evidence that all issues would be answered to, I may sway my vote to a yes.

How did you feel about the outcome of the referendum – if you voted or not?