Guest Post – Victoria Sandwich Recipe

Hey, it’s Elizabeth here from Elizabeths Blog, I’m here to do a little post for Charlotte whilst she’s away.

After flicking through both my own and Charlotte’s posts, I decided to do a cooking post and if you follow me on Instagram then you will probably have seen that one time I tried to make Smores under the grill and came out with this wonderful outcome:

So I thought I’d keep it simple and go for a Victoria Sandwich, which I still managed to not do properly as they didn’t rise as well as they could have, but here goes:

Firstly, your going to need to gather your ingredients which are:
125g sugar
125g butter/margarine
125g SELF-RAISING flour
2 large eggs
Vanilla Flavouring (which incidentally isn’t in the photo)
Little extra butter for greasing.
6 heaped table spoonfuls of Icing Sugar
3 heaped table spoonfuls of butter

Right now that you’ve got your ingredients, put the butter and sugar into a mixing bowl and mix them together until the mixture falls of your spoon without any help.

Then comes the messy part (well if your clumsy and have no hand eye co-ordination then its messy otherwise its probably not) crack the eggs into a cup (it makes it easier for me anyway) and add one egg at a time and mix then add a little flour, then add the second egg and mix in the flour again.

I then added a few drops of vanilla extract and mixed that in too.
I then greased the tin I was using and put the mixture into the tin and put it in the oven for 25 minutes (this can change depending on how big or small you’ve made your cake) at 180 degrees. Personally I like to double check when taking the cake out of the oven that it is cooked by putting a knife in the middle (or deepest part) and seeing if it comes out clean.
I then allowed it to cool.
When it had cooled down I whipped up some butter cream to go in the middle by adding the icing sugar to the butter and rubbing them together and used a spatula to spread it across the cake evenly.
Then what I call the best part MELTING CHOCOLATE cause there always seems to be some left over! I personally melted mine in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time and mixed at each break. I ended up using 150g of milk chocolate for mine but if you want a thin layer, id suggest using less chocolate.

I hope you liked my post! You can find more cooking fails over on my instagram and my rare cooking successes on my blog. If you fancy a chat or have any questions about my cake, tweet me – especially pictures of your cakes so I can see what cakes are meant to look like, not these pancake attempts
*side note: if you have a tin that the bottom comes out off, make sure the bottom is the right way before you put the mixture in, I’m still cleaning burnt bits of cake out of the bottom of my oven – oops*
Elizabeth x