What’s In My Bag

Bag – Ted Baker via ASOS £149

What better way to show off my beloved new bag than to share a sneak peek of my current daily essentials, right? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
I can’t decide if I’m a bag or a shoe person, but it doesn’t take either to realise that this bag is a thing of beauty. It’s ideal for carrying all of my everyday necessities without being comically oversized, it’s sturdy and lightweight making it a general delight to use – I always feel super fancy when I’m carrying it. The white colour may make it a tiny bit impractical in some aspects, but so far I’ve kept it in pristine condition, and I think the beautiful floral lining more than makes up for it. It doesn’t have any interior pockets, but it does come with a co-ordinating clutch that can be used on it’s own so technically you’re getting two bags for the price of one.
I’m still in the stage where I don’t want to ruin my pretty new bag, so I’ve been very good at clearing out my receipts and rubbish for a change. I have a bad habit of carrying way more than is necessary and putting extra strain on my bag (and my back) so I’ve been trying to streamline the things I take out with me to enforce some good bag behaviour!
At the moment, I will nearly always have my diary from Paperchase, my purse from River Island and my phone in my bag, they tend to help my day run pretty smoothly so are the core components of my daily essentials. In my little pouch I like to have some chewing gum, painkillers and an extra pen just in case. I also have my iPod Touch so I’m never without my brilliant playlists and my portable phone charger to make sure I’m not stranded with a dead mobile phone – a nightmare scenario. My beauty bits are switched about on a daily basis (usually favouring the things that are lying around my room) but at the moment I’m loving the coconut hand cream and pink grapefruit hand sanitizer from The Body Shop and the new Chapstick Mixstix in Strawberry & Banana. I really want to pick up the Lemon & Raspberry version of this as it sounds delicious! I also pop whatever lipstick I’m wearing on the day in to my bag for on-the-go touch ups, but I find having a lip crayon to hand pretty useful as they’re so easy to apply in a rush. My current favourite is Raplumzel from Soap & Glory which glides on effortlessly and stays in place for hours.
What are your daily handbag essentials?