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In comparison to some other beauty bloggers my collection of MAC cosmetics is kind of pitiful. Don’t get me wrong, I really really really like the brand and have a wishlist the length of my arm, but I just feel so guilty about spending that much on a lipstick. As a result, I rarely pick anything up from them and if I do it’s either using a voucher or in duty free. Last week my collection nearly doubled in size thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and some very unsubtle hinting in regards to potential birthday presents – he’s definitely a keeper! For now at least…

For months I was toying with the idea of buying the lipstick in the shade Please Me, however after actually trying it on it really wasn’t the right shade for me and instead my sights were locked on Brave. For years I was devoted to matte finishes, but after falling head over heels with Lovelorn a couple of summers ago I can’t keep my paws off of the satin finishes instead. Brave is a gorgeous dusky pink that’s the perfect everyday lip. It’s hands down my new favourite and one I’ve been reaching for every morning since it came in to my life!

Whilst the Painterly paint pot isn’t the most exciting shade, it’s a must have for every occasion. The perfect base, Painterly evens out the skin tone and brightens the eye making it ideal to wear alone or as an eyeshadow primer. It stays put all day – even on my oily lids – and doesn’t crease or smudge.

I’ve been considering starting a MAC Pro Palette for a while now, but I know how dangerous it would be for my bank account as I wouldn’t be able to resist picking up a pan or two on each trip, so in the meantime I’ve been sticking to individual shades. Phloof! is possibly the cutest name for an eyeshadow ever, and it’s also a stunning shade. Phloof! is a satin finish shadow, a beautiful nude with a hint of shimmer, and it’s such a versatile addition to my stash. It’s the perfect inner corner highlight but also looks gorgeous for a little sweep of colour across the lid. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to pick it up…

Finally, the 217 blending brush. An apparent staple in the beauty blogger starter kit, this brush is pretty infamous in the blogosphere. I didn’t see all the fuss at first, but now it’s in my life I am converted. How can one simple brush make this much of a difference?! I just don’t get it. Oh well, my eye makeup is now “on fleek” (as all the cool kids say) so I don’t even care.

After making a considerable dent in my MAC wishlist I am now at a loss for what to spend a MAC voucher on… any must haves that you’d recommend?