10 Happy Things #3

1. It was my birthday! This brought along with it lots of happy things, too many to even mention, but I had a really great day and loved spending time with my favourite people.

2. I finally booked myself in to get my nails done and am currently sporting some rather fetching glittery princess gels with Pusheen decals. That’s enough to make anyone’s day, right?!

3. The meet up (#ScotBlogMeet) I arranged happened on Sunday and it went better than I ever could have imagined! We managed to raise a whopping £320 for SAMH and it was a really great day. I’m loving reading everyone’s posts and tweets about it – I still can’t quite believe I managed to pull it all of by myself!

4. Now that #ScotBlogMeet is over and done with I’ve actually had a bit more time to myself, a bit of a novelty after a crazy month or so! I’ve been watching lots of new TV series and having plenty of bubble baths.

5. I was a bit worried about a doctors appointment I had this week as it was with a new doctor and I didn’t want to have to start back from square one again. Luckily, I didn’t need to go over the past four years of my life again and again! She was seriously one of the most useful doctors I’ve seen in a while and I got the outcome I was hoping for. It feels strange to be happy about impending hospital visits, but it makes a change from not being taken seriously.

6. I hate to be one of those people who hints at an amazing opportunity that they just can’t talk about yet, but yeah. I was offered a mind-blowingly incredible opportunity that I actually didn’t believe was real at first which I’ll be sharing next month…

7. Less than a month till my holiday! The Scottish weather has been a whole new level of miserable lately and I can’t wait for some sunshine.

8. On Monday I finally went to see Inside Out and it was amazing! I cried like a baby but I’m so glad I’ve finally seen it now. I think I’ll be watching it again veeeeeery soon.

9. This kind of contradicts the next one, but this week I managed to fit in another session with AG Fitness Training and I’m so glad I did! Andy actually makes me want to exercise (despite my sore muscles making me walk like a duck) and I always feel so much better after it. Plus he’s a laugh, so that’s a bonus. I used to want to treat myself to clothes and makeup but now I want to treat myself to PT sessions… wow. Andy has very kindly offered a sneaky wee 15% off first time purchases if you quote “ColoursandCarousels 15” so I would absolutely snap that offer up. He’s the trainer to the blogger stars 😉

10. Giant cookie cake from Millie’s Cookies – need I say more?