Not Nineteen Forever


In case you couldn’t tell from the amazing crown (my mum knows me so well) and the incessant tweets, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. Also known as the best day of the year, the day that calories don’t count, the day that my cat has to love me unconditionally and the day I pretend I’m a princess.

In true blogger style I thought I’d pen a little ramble about leaving my teens behind but in reality it’s just an excuse to be a total poser and show off my new hair colour in the process.

So, I am now a twenty-something. My teens are over and done with, but I doubt that will stop me incessantly being asked for ID when I try to buy just about any sort of age restricted product. I haven’t been ID’ed when going to see a 12 at the cinema for a while though, so I guess that’s a good sign.

Nineteen wasn’t the worst year, but it was hard. I had some great times and met some amazing people – as ever – but I also made some difficult decisions and left some toxic friendships behind in the process. I lost a stone, which I will probably put back on this week, and started to regain my confidence after a shaky couple of years. Self doubt will always hang around in the back of my mind but I’m starting to believe in myself more and more with each passing day.

Twenty is the year of the gap year. It’s the year I hopefully figure my life out and get myself on to the right path. It’s a year for new experiences, exploration and hopefully a lot of growth. I have one of those “21 things before 21” lists that I’m hoping to tick off over the next year, but I’ll share that with you later.

Just like January 1st, July 29th feels like a fresh start for me. I’m starting a new decade of my life (jeez) and it’s one that I’m pretty damn excited for. I’m also excited to stuff my face with tapas tonight and spend tomorrow night dancing with my favourite people. I’m not quite so excited for the impending hangover however…