17 Jun 2015

Summer Beauty Haul

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Now that I don't need to worry about grown up things like insurance and food shopping (for now anyway) I decided it was about time to add a few new bits and bobs to my beauty stash. This was also influenced somewhat by that annoying phenomenon of everything you usually use running out at once and an unfortunate incident involving a now smashed powder... With Advantage card in hand I headed off to Boots, stopping at Superdrug on the way, to pick up some new summer beauty staples and make the most of the offers they have on at the moment.

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Iconic 3 palette by Makeup Revolution - £4 online or from Superdrug

For a change the Makeup Revolution stand in Superdrug was reasonably well stocked and I was finally able to pick up the Iconic 3 palette, having loved the Iconic 2 palette I purchased last year. The much hyped dupe for the Naked 3, Iconic 3 boasts an array of rose toned neutrals that pack a punch for the price. I'd always loved the look of the Naked 3 but wasn't entirely sure the shades would suit my skin tone so this is a great way to try something a little but different without breaking the bank. I love getting a new palette, it's so pretty and fresh that I just can't bring myself to ruin it yet! I'll need to sit down and have a proper play about with it.

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Big Fake Curves Mascara, £4.99; Pressed Powder in Translucent, £1.99;
Bronze Glow mosaic bronzer, £2.99 or free when you spend £5
All from Collection

I was going to go for my usual Rimmel Stay Matte powder, but after seeing that you got a free mosaic bronzer from Collection if you spend £5 I decided to give their pressed powder a go. The shade claims to be translucent but it seems a bit yellow toned in the pan. From first impressions it doesn't seem to be that apparent on the face and it does mattify well but I'm yet to properly test it out.

A few years ago I adored Collection's Big Fake Curves mascara, finding it comparable to Benefit's They're Real, so I decided to pick it up to make up the threshold spend. I was a bit disappointed to find that they've changed the brush since I last used the mascara and I'm not massively keen on the look of it so far. I did find the formula to be really dry when first used however after sticking it in a cup of hot water for a while it's thinned out making it easier to use. It still has the kind of awful smell that it did back when I used it obsessively but it doesn't last once applied.

A shimmery bronzer isn't something I really go for when it comes to my face, but now that summer is kind of here I want to add a bit more of a "glow" to my look. This mosaic bronzer has a few different tones in it that when blended together give a really healthy glow, without being overpowering on my stereotypically Scottish pale skin. It's not the kind of thing I'd buy of my own accord but seeing as it was a free gift I figured I may as well give it a go!

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Supercat eyeliner pen by Soap & Glory - £6 from Boots

This one was a repurchase for me, as the final liner pen from my stash had finally dried up! I've been using this eyeliner since last summer - full review here - and I'm yet to find a budget eyeliner pen that can beat it. Supercat is jet black, easy to apply and sticks around all day. This is my fourth time purchasing this eyeliner and I still can't believe it's only £6! Soap & Glory's cosmetics are on 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment but they didn't have any of the other things I wanted in stock so I gave it a miss... for my bank account's sake.

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

123 Perfect CC cream, £9.99; Magic Nail Polish Remover pot, £4.99;
Sunkissed Collection, free with purchases over £15
All from Bourjois via Boots

As my stocks were starting to dwindle I rediscovered the Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation, so on my hunt for the perfect CC cream for sunny days I headed straight to their stand. I chose the 123 Perfect CC cream in the lightest shade which I think is a tiny bit too dark for me but blends really well. The coverage is medium but feels light on the skin, exactly what I look for in the summer, and does a great job of hiding imperfections without having to layer on the foundation. 

At the moment Bourjois are offering a free gift worth over £20 when you spend £15 so after picking up the CC cream I figured I would replace my Magic Nail Polish Remover pot which had seen better days. It makes my life so much easier and lasts me months, so I don't mind spending £4.99 on it.

The Sunkissed Collection features two full sized products, a bronzer and a lip crayon, and a sturdy little kabuki brush which is perfect for travelling. I already had the lip crayon in the same shade - Peach on the Beach - and it really doesn't suit me but seeing as it was a free gift I'm not that bothered. The bronzer is a universal shade which I find quite flattering on my skin, it does have a slight shimmer in it which gives a lovely glow and I know I'll be reaching for this lots when I'm on holiday too. All in all not bad for a free gift, although I have just noticed that I was 2p short of the £15 mark which is a bit awkward but I'm very grateful that I still got it!

Have you treated yourself to any new beauty for summer?

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