9 Jun 2015

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Colours and Carousels

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Colours and Carousels

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Colours and Carousels

Seventeen Stay Time concealer in Extra Fair - £4.49 from Boots

It's kind of worrying how grumpy I get if I have a disappointing shopping trip, so when I visited four different Boots stores hunting for my usual Collection Lasting Perfection concealer I was getting pretty annoyed at leaving empty handed. After it became apparent that there was some strange shortage in the Glasgow area I sent them a wee tweet only to be told that they were discontinuing it. What a nightmare! It's still unclear if it's only Boots that are discontinuing the concealer or Collection as a whole, but I figured I should try an alternative just in case. Step in the Seventeen Stay Time concealer. (Collection have now confirmed that they are not discontinuing it, so either Boots are or someone screwed up somewhere)

I haven't used all that much from Seventeen before, not for any particular reason, it's just a brand that doesn't appear in my make up bag all that often. Much like Collection's offering the Seventeen Stay Time concealer is a bit of a bargain and the three step shade range offers the variety you'd expect from a drugstore brand. I picked up "Extra Fair" as I am typically the lightest shade available but I feel like this may be a tiny bit too pale for me... maybe I've just caught the sun!

At first I didn't think I could love a concealer more than Collection Lasting Perfection, but apparently I can. Although Collection Lasting Perfection is great quality for the price, I do find it to be a bit cakey and it has a habit of oxidising on my skin - leaving an unsightly orange mark. The Seventeen Stay Time concealer is creamier, making it an absolute dream to blend and super hydrating. The coverage is a little bit lighter than the likes of Collection, but it's also easily buildable which makes it a versatile addition to my make up bag. It doesn't cake or crease under the eye and whilst I can't quite comment on the claim of 18 hour staying power it did a fantastic job of making it through a 12 hour application with no need for touch ups - even after four hours sleep.

I'm impressed.

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