MoYou London Explorer Nail Art Kit Review

MoYou London Explorer Nail Art Kit – available here

I’m totally in awe of people who can create amazing nail art using tiny brushes and pens as I really do not have the patience or the steady hand required for such masterpieces. I’ve tried (and failed) to create little works of art on my fingertips many times before and have a full Pinterest board dedicated to wonderful nail art but until the MoYou London Explorer Nail Art Stamping Kit entered my life it seemed so out of reach.

Nail stamping is not a new concept, in fact it’s been popular for many years now, but it wasn’t something I’d ever tried before and so had no idea just how easy it was to do. MoYou London stock all you could need for incredible nail art, including a massive variety of ready to go nail art kits, which makes manicuring my talons so much more fun! I can finally have those intricate designs that I’ve been longing for. I’m hooked!

The Kit

Inside the ready made kits you’ll find everything you need to get started with nail stamping. The cute little storage box contains three nail polishes, three stamping plates, a scraper, stamper and a really handy instruction book. The instruction book clearly details the best process to get pretty patterns from plate to nail and was a total god-send for my clueless self! One thing that I would recommend doing – that isn’t mentioned in the booklet – is to “prime” your stamper with a nail buffer to prep the surface so that it picks up the design properly, I learned this after a few failed attempts saw me turn to YouTube tutorials for tips! Once I had done this everything else was an absolute breeze and I’ve been getting a little bit stamp happy… I need some new nail wheels.
I’ll be popping up a tutorial of my own on my YouTube channel this weekend to show you how I got the design featured towards the end of this post. I’ve never really filmed anything like this but I’m excited to share it with you on Sunday!

The Polishes

Within the kit you’re given three polishes, I received Sweet Lips, a dusky, bubblegum-esque pink, Turquoise Mint, exactly what it says on the tin, and Royal Up which is a stunning duochrome navy shade with hints of purple – my favourite of the three! Sweet Lips and Royal Up are both beautifully pigmented, mostly needing only one coat to be considered opaque, whereas Royal Up did need two. They all have a relatively wide brush which is ideal for covering the nail in one stroke, something I always like to see from a nail polish.
You can buy more of the MoYou polishes from their website and they have a great shade range. I particularly like the look of Croco Spark, another duochrome polish similar to Royal Up, but instead with hints of blue and green. Very aquatic! The individual polishes come in at £10.99 each which is a little bit pricier than I’d usually pay, but based on the quality of the polishes and the options available with the stamping kits I’d say they seem to be worth it. You do get better value for money if you purchase a kit as it costs just £29.99, cheaper than purchasing three individual polishes and you get the plates too!

The Plates

I love tribal, geometric and mandala style prints in general so when I spotted them in the Explorer Kit I knew I’d have to choose it. The box contained three plates, two from the Explorer Collection and one from the Literary Collection which has various little quotes and symbols relating to literature – a perfect fit for a bookworm like me!
The plates come with a protective layer of plastic to keep them from getting scratched, as well as being backed on sturdy plastic and housed in their own individual cardboard sleeves for even more protection. They’re really easy to clean and have a fantastic variety of prints available, with some full nail prints and other little individual motifs.
Like the polishes, you can buy the individual plates from the website and they have an absolutely jaw dropping range available. It’s so hard to choose just one that I like to share, but the Pro collection has some really eye catching patterns available and could I really be expected to resist the Kitty collection?
I can finally have the nail art of my dreams with minimal fuss involved! It makes me so excited to paint my nails now as they just look so much prettier. I had never realised quite how easy stamping is, but if you’re not convinced be sure to keep an eye on my channel to see for yourself on Sunday!
Have you ever tried stamping before? What do you think?

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