Mollie Makes: Social Media

Despite being a little bit disappointed by the Mollie Makes Blogging special I decided to give their Social Media issue the benefit of the doubt and forked out the £7 when I spotted it in one of Glasgow’s larger WH Smiths. £7 is pretty ridiculous for such a small magazine but as I’m forever on a quest to develop my social media habits in to something a bit more productive I hoped it would come in somewhat useful…

What it covers

The bulk of the magazine is focused at what it deems the four main players in the social media game: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Instagram seems to be a little bit “less worthy” in their eyes as it’s stuck in a chapter entitled “Instagram & more” alongside the likes of pages about LinkedIn, Snapchat, Vine, etc. whereas the other three have their own dedicated sections. Fair enough, there would never be enough pages to cover everything about every social network out there, but I do feel like there could have been some more in depth coverage for the “& more” section.

What it says

Within the chapters themselves you will find a basic run down of the social network, ways to use it as a marketing tool and some other interesting features on offer. I didn’t learn anything new here, although it was interesting to see some of the ideas and justifications of using a Facebook page to market your website – something I personally struggle with – which I’ll be testing out myself over the coming weeks.
As well as the tutorial type pieces there are also a few case studies for each network, showing how other brands have used them to their advantage and how they did so. This was probably the most interesting part of the magazine and it’s the one that I found most useful. I always like to hear what works for other people and it’s not something that is often shared in the blogosphere for some strange reason so it was a bit different for me.

What I thought

On the whole I can’t say I had any eureka moments when reading this magazine. I did learn some interesting facts and nab a few ideas for my own social media planning, but on the whole it was all knowledge that I could easily access online – much like it’s Blogging counterpart. I did feel a bit inspired when reading this magazine and seeing the success other people have had and it has encouraged me to be more on top of my social media game, so to speak, so it does have that going for it.
I’m going to be implementing some of the theories and ideas suggested in the magazine on my platforms over the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing how they work out. There are some platforms I really neglect – I’m looking at you, Facebook – and I’d be interested to see if putting the extra effort in really does make any difference.
I wouldn’t say it’s worth £7 as so much of it can be found online for free, but it wasn’t an awful read and did give me a little burst of motivation! If you’ve read it I’d love to hear what you thought – did you find it a useful read?