5 Jun 2015

Kiss me baby and tell me twice

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog
Top - CelebLook
Skirt - Blue Vanilla
Jacket - F&F
Hat - Primark
Boots - ASOS

Is there really any point in having friends if you can't rope them in to taking outfit photos for you?

I kid, obviously, but it is pretty handy! When I popped out for lunch with my friend Geraldine I got her to snap a few photos for me which turned in to a bit of a struggle with it being a very windy day. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out so I'll definitely be making the most of our coffee dates more often, as well as teaching Paddy how to use my camera so he can be a back up photographer too. I don't mind taking my own photos in my back garden but there are some days when a tripod just doesn't cut it.

The weather isn't lending itself to my dream summer outfits at the moment (and neither is my bank account) so this bright jacket has been a bit of a favourite lately to brighten up those ever so dull days. Where is this record breaking heatwave we were promised? Certainly not in Glasgow! At least it seems to have stopped raining for now. I've been loving slogan tees recently as I feel like they add a bit of interest to even a basic outfit and when you consider my love for shoes it's like this t-shirt from CelebLook was made for me. I've worn it in a couple of my YouTube videos too as it's so easy to throw on!

Today I'm heading down to Manchester to see The Courteeners in Heaton Park which I'm so excited for. I grew up just a couple of streets away from the park but I've never actually been to a gig there and with The Courteeners being one of my favourite bands I'm really glad that they're going to be my first. We're staying in Manchester tonight but heading back up the road early doors tomorrow morning as we've got a wedding in Edinburgh to attend. The venue looks absolutely stunning and I'm sure it'll be a beautiful day! My diary is pretty jam packed at the moment with lots of catching up to do since moving home but there's so many exciting things happening so I'm not too fussed about being busy.

Has the summer weather reached you yet? If so, send it my way please!

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