Kiss Air Candles: Ice Cream Parlour

There’s this theory floating around that a smell can be one of the most powerful memories you form and I totally agree. The second I sniffed the Mango Sorbet candle from Kiss Air Candles new Ice Cream Parlour range I was instantly transported back to a time when Woolworths was still open a two minute walk down the road and I would stand transfixed in front of the Pic’n’Mix deliberating over what overpriced sweets to fill my cup with. In particular, the scent of the Mango Sorbet candle reminds me of those massive gummy snakes that I could spend days trying to finish. Nowadays I could probably wolf one down in a matter of seconds but sack paying £7+ for a tiny wee cup of sweets!

Okay enough about sweets, lets talk about candles. I am a candle fan and I cannot deny it, the second you walk in my room it becomes obvious with a helping hand from the many that sit on my windowsill. At this particular moment in time I count seven. And a wax burner. Obviously I don’t burn them all at once or I would end up with a serious headache but it’s uncommon to find me sitting in my room without a delicious scent burning away on my windowsill.

Being a candle fan, I know what I like and what I don’t like. Sweet, confectionery like scents definitely fall under the do like category, as does the Ice Cream Parlour range from Kiss Air. With delights such as Mint Choc Chip and Salted Caramel included in the selection it’s difficult to resist and the two that I currently own – Mango Sorbet and Rum & Raisin – have become particular favourites of mine. I’ve actually finished Mango Sorbet now and my mouse is hovering over the “add to basket” button.

Made with soy wax these candles are both vegetarian and vegan, with a cleaner burn in comparison to typical candles. I do tend to lean towards soy wax candles as I’ve discovered from past experiences that they throw scent much better and are considerably less prone to tunnelling. The large tins have roughly 25-30 hours of burn time which for £8.50 is not bad at all. Even when they’re unlit they fill the room with a scent that’s practically identical to it’s namesake. Both Rum & Raisin and Mango Sorbet are just indescribably beautiful scents that make me drool every time I light them.

You can check out the whole range here.

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