Cover the cuts with glitter

Wedding Guest Outfit House of Fraser Petite - Colours and Carousels
Dress – House of Fraser
Shoes – New Look

I can’t quite believe how suddenly our weather has turned, but knowing Scotland it could turn back just as easily. I’ve been loving lying out in the garden with a book and gallons of ice tea. It may not be the most ideal for photos, but as someone who doesn’t see the sun all that often and spends her days cooped up at a computer screen I couldn’t resist the lure of the warmth. It’s making me wish my holiday was a whole lot sooner…

I wore this dress to a wedding in Edinburgh at the weekend and despite it not being the type of thing I’m typically drawn to there was something about the print that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Plus, the great quality of the material means that it manages to suck everything in without leaving me struggling to eat a canape, let alone a three course meal. I’d been looking for a nice midi dress for a while but as a bit of a shorty most midis look like maxis on me, thankfully House of Fraser have a petite range so my height is less of a restriction!

Right now my overwhelming feeling is busy. I feel like I’ve barely had a moment to myself over the past couple of weeks –  which isn’t true – but I need to calm down a bit I think. I’m incredibly guilty of taking on too much at once and I really hate letting people down so I think I need to sit down for a while and figure out my priorities. I love this blog so much but at the moment it’s starting to get a bit much, I have so many ideas for it but not enough time to really get working on them and it’s been getting me down. We’ll see!

I think I’m probably just a bit burnt out, being back at home turned me in to an over excited puppy who was desperate to catch up with everyone and do everything I missed whilst I was away when in reality I have so much time to do all of these things!

How do you cope with burnout?

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