Five Guys Glasgow

In the last Burgerthon post I had mentioned that our next stop would be Jacker De Viande, but after a bit of a crazy month we decided to pop in to Five Guys one night before the cinema instead. If you’re not familiar with The Great Glasgow Burgerthon then you can get up to speed here… Go on, I’ll wait.

Sorted? Okay!

For the second stop on our burg-tour we headed to the relatively new Five Guys on St Vincent Street. Those familiar with Glasgow will know that if you fancy a burger then St Vincent Street will certainly provide, with at least four of the Burgerthon stops located mere metres from each other.

When Five Guys first opened up north there was a bit of a storm surrounding it, with some people saying it’s the best burger they’ve ever eaten and others saying it’s essentially an overpriced McDonald’s. With a set up that is very reminiscent of a fast food joint it’s quite easy to see why people would feel this way, but there are a few key differences between Five Guys and the likes of the Burger King up the road.

One of the obvious differences, and in fact probably one of the biggest selling points for me, is the drinks machine. Offering various exotic concoctions of well known soft drinks I could have spent hours in there trying each and every one – especially with the free refills! I was a bit apprehensive at first as I thought they’d all be fizzy and I’m not a massive fan of fizzy drinks but they have a really great selection of soft drinks too. I loved the fact that they had still Fanta available so I had one that was Fruit Punch flavoured and a Raspberry Powerade too. Paddy had a Sprite and an Orange Sprite, which essentially tasted like Fanta.

Now for the main event – the food.

I was pretty ravenous when we got to Five Guys, I’d just had to wait in the hairdressers for nearly two hours whilst Paddy got his hair cut, so I was very excited to finally try it out. I decided to have a classic cheeseburger with grilled onions and ketchup whereas Paddy had a bacon cheeseburger. Neither of us had realised that the standard burger seems to come with two patties already so we were a tad surprised at the size of them! Both were delicious but did have an air of McDonald’s to them. Personally, I felt like it was a McDonald’s with slightly better meat and a much bigger price tag.

Five Guys have a “build your own” type set up when it comes to ordering, you pay for the burger you want and choose as much as you like from a selection of free toppings. This kind of process works out quite well if you’re someone who likes a lot of toppings, but if you’re just wanting a plain burger it can feel like a bit of a rip off.

Something that’s worth mentioning is the chips. They were perfectly cooked, golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, but my god the portions were insane. Hayley had mentioned this to me before so we decided to share, but we decided to share a large chips and it probably could have fed four. We were a bit annoyed when we saw that a large chips was just a tall – but relatively skinny – cup full, until we looked in the bag and found a pile easily four times the size of what we had expected. It’s worth bearing in mind as we are pretty greedy people and struggled to finish them!

Whilst it was perfectly enjoyable it’s hard to ignore the price. Two burgers, 2 drinks and a portion of chips cost us nearly £30 which is a bit eye watering for a quick bite before the cinema. You can find much better in the city centre for less money. The service was fast despite it getting a bit busy whilst we were in there and there is ample seating available across the three floors. It was hard to judge the atmosphere as it was relatively quiet, we left just before the tea time rush, but you can clearly see the American diner like vibe they’re going for. Much like Burger Meats Bun it didn’t totally blow us away and that’s kind of what we’re looking for.

She thought: Quality of burger 3, Variety available 2, Atmosphere & service 2.5, Value for money 1.5
He thought:  Quality of burger 4, Variety available 3, Atmosphere & service 3.5, Value for money 3

Overall score for Five Guys is 22.5 out of a possible 40
Have you tried a Five Guys before? Do you agree with us? If you want to pay the Glasgow branch a visit you can find them at 57-61 St Vincent Street, Braehead Shopping Centre and Silverburn Shopping Centre. You can find your nearest branch here.