30 Jun 2015

I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson - #SassyBooks June

I'll Give You The Sun Jandy Nelson Review

For the first month of #SassyBooks Hayley & I decided to read I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson and I'm so happy to say that lots of others joined in too! Seeing as it's the last Tuesday of the month, here's what I thought of the book...

I'd read one of Nelson's books, The Sky Is Everywhere, previously and really enjoyed it. I also recommended it to Hayley and if I remember correctly she wasn't quite so keen. I'll Give You The Sun is a young adult novel - not to everyone's tastes - but it did turn out to be a pretty good read.

I'll Give You The Sun follows Noah and Jude, twins who's lives are torn apart as they grow older. Their rift is only exacerbated by a tragedy that changes both of their lives forever, in ways they are yet to understand. Alternating between the twins as thirteen year olds and as sixteen year olds, the book delves in to their love of art and the role it plays in their changing lives, accompanied by some pretty gorgeous illustrations. I feel like I missed out on a lot of the beauty within the book as I chose to read it on Kindle, but there were still some really beautiful pieces to go alongside the story.

As it turns out, neither Noah nor Jude knows the full story of the events that caused their relationship to deteriorate and as time goes on more and more becomes clear. I was actually really surprised by how the plot played out which doesn't happen very often!

The book itself is beautifully written, although with maybe a few too many metaphors, and I think it would be pretty relatable for most people out there. Loneliness is too common an emotion and it was one that stood out to me a lot. Overall I really enjoyed this book and despite the somewhat long chapters it was a great read.

My overall rating for this book is 4/5, I'd thoroughly recommend it if you're a fan of young adult fiction... or even if you're not! Be sure to check out some of the other reviews from people who have also taken part in #SassyBooks: Nicole, Laura, Paula, Kariss, Bethan, Allie.

For next month Hayley and I have decided that our book will be Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill; available from Amazon here. In a world where girls are no longer born naturally, women are bred in schools and trained in the art of pleasing men. I think it'll have a lot of talking points and sounds like an interesting read. I'm really excited to read this as I love dystopian fiction, hopefully it lives up to my expectations!

29 Jun 2015

10 Happy Things

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a mixed bag, but boy have they been busy! Despite a few unhappy moments I feel like focusing on the positives in each situation helps me get on with my life, so here are ten happy things from the past week:

1. Last Tuesday I celebrated 5 years with my lovely boyfriend. It's a bit crazy to think that he's been in my life for so long, but I love him to pieces and he's my best friend. To celebrate we had an amazing meal at Chaophraya in Edinburgh and I've been dreaming of their duck ever since.

2. On our anniversary we were supposed to be seeing the incredible Foo Fighters - a band I've been waiting to see for years - however Dave Grohl broke his leg and it wasn't to be. Instead, we treated ourselves to a much needed spa day which was absolute bliss.

3. Again on Tuesday, I found out that I'd actually passed all of my exams for this year. I'm really happy with my results and so glad I don't have to go back to Aberdeen for any resits! That chapter of my life is officially over and I couldn't be happier.

4. Last week I found out that I didn't get in to another university this year as the course was full and so my application wasn't considered. Whilst it's upsetting, it's also a massive opportunity. I have no set plans yet but I'm working on finding a new better job and saving up some money to travel a bit.

5. I finally got to go to the cat cafe through in Edinburgh! Spending an afternoon surrounded by beautiful cats and drinking tea isn't the worst thing in the world, I'll tell you that much. I'm desperate to go back already and I really want one to open in Glasgow too.

6. Continuing with the animal theme, we also visited the zoo when we were through in Edinburgh so I got to see the penguins! At the moment they have lots of little penguin chicks and it was so exciting getting to see them all. I like penguins a lot.

7. Over the past couple of weeks I had a really annoying eye infection that was starting to do my head in, but now it's cleared up and I can finally start doing my make up properly again! Plus my eye doesn't hurt any more so that is also a bonus.

8. My holiday is all paid for! Which means I can stress less about money and maybe treat myself to a new hair colour...

9. There's going to be a new baby in Paddy's family and I am so excited to buy baby clothes - they're all so cute and teeny!

10. I'm starting to feel a bit better about my blog, and life in general. I let myself get a little bit too stressed which I really shouldn't have done. Now I'm feeling fresher, I have a bit more motivation and I'm actually able to write again. Hence this post...

What has made you happy this week?

24 Jun 2015


My boyfriend would probably take great delight in telling you that I hate admitting I'm wrong, especially when it comes to him, but it's pretty difficult to keep track of how many times my mum has been given the perfect opportunity to say "I told you so" after I disregarded her advice. Here are a few times where my mum was true to form and showed that #MumKnowsBest...

My mum knew that trying to get my box dyed dark brown hair back to the blonde of my earlier years was not a good idea, but I ignored her and ended up spending the afternoon crying in the bathroom after returning from the hairdressers with a delightful shade of orange on the top and brown on the bottom. She also told me not to mess with it any further, but instead I found an unused bottle of Sun In hiding in the bathroom cabinet and tried to "fix" it myself. The Sun In ended up in my eye and boy did it hurt. Lesson learned. For now.

My mum also told me that toxic friendships and broken hearts were not the end of the world, and despite feeling like my world was crumbling around me at the time I now know for a fact that she was right. Fake friends that dropped me in a heartbeat and silly boys who dumped me via text message have given way to some incredible friendships that I wouldn't change for the world, and a devoted boyfriend of five years who I adore.

My mum always rolled her eyes when I returned from a trip to town burdened with hundreds of shopping bags. She told me not to waste my money on clothes I'd never wear and make up I didn't need. Of course I didn't listen, and now I have piles of clothes with the tags still on and an empty bank account to show for it.

My mum has held my hand through everything, she's helped me through so much and I can always rely on her to be there. I may sometimes ignore her advice in that ever defiant way of a child who thinks they know better, but over the years it's become pretty clear that my #MumKnowsBest and I'm so grateful for that.

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22 Jun 2015

Down & Out

Over the past week I have spent the majority of my time staring at this screen not knowing what to write. I have so many ideas bubbling around in my head but they just don't seem to translate properly in to words. It's difficult, it makes me feel kind of lost. I've always loved writing and this blog has been a huge part of my life for years now, but lately I've felt kind of disconnected. I don't feel like what I produce has any worth. There are hundreds upon thousands of blogs popping up every single day, doing the exact same thing I do, but better.

I thought I had my little spot firmly carved out, I knew who I was and what I wanted to be, but with each passing day it's becoming more apparent that maybe I don't really know. It's difficult to stand out in such a busy world. I've put so much pressure on myself recently to keep being better, improving everything little by little, but instead of moving forwards I've pushed myself backwards. I want to write on here as much as possible, but I think I need a break.

I think I need to stop feeling guilty about spending my day in front of the television binge watching the latest series that's caught my eye. I need to take a step back and enjoy catching up with everyone I missed whilst I was away. I need to figure out my routine properly, get back in to my groove so to speak, and that will take time.

Since I moved home at the start of the month it's been a little bit crazy. My days have been filled with catch ups and unpacking - although I still have a lot to go - so as soon as I get a spare moment I feel exhausted and just want to relax. I've been throwing myself in to organising #ScotBlogMeet, which is coming together nicely, but it is just added pressure that I probably could have done without.

I hate feeling like I'm going to let people down, it preys on my mind constantly, but I need to make more time for me. I don't even know why I wrote this, but I think a lot of people are feeling the same right now and I just need you to know that you're not alone. I FEEL YOU.

I'm going to take a back seat this week. I'm going away for a few days, having a spa day and going to the zoo. It'll be good to chill out and gather my thoughts properly. I have a couple of posts already scheduled but I'm not going to force myself to produce half-assed content purely for the sake of putting something out there - that's not who I want to be or what I want this blog to be.


20 Jun 2015

Saturday Share #2



19 Jun 2015

I fell in to your eyes

Scottish Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Colours and Carousels

Scottish Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Colours and Carousels

Scottish Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Colours and Carousels

Scottish Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Colours and Carousels

Scottish Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Colours and Carousels

Scottish Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Colours and Carousels
Coat - F&F
Pinafore - Primark
Shirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Matalan
Ring - Bonnie Bling
Collar Pins - Claire Barclay Draws

Why is it that the wind always gets in the way of my outfit photos? Oh yeah... I live in Scotland!

Despite the obvious drawbacks of the weather I'm very proud to call Scotland my current home, especially as I share it with a whole host of talented people. Many of you may know Karen Gillan as the wonderful Amy Pond, but I also know her from her role as the iconic Jean Shrimpton and as being a bit of a style icon overall. Having previously won a Scottish Fashion Award for her unique style I'm pretty proud to have her leading the way for Scots all over the globe. She makes me wish I could pull off ginger hair, sigh. After watching her film Not Another Happy Ending over on We Are Colony I had a go at interpreting her character's individual style in an outfit of my own.

In the film, Karen's character has quite a tailored, androgynous style that isn't typically me. I loved the use of traditional fabrics like tweed but as I am yet to find the perfect pair of tweed trousers they were a bit out of the question for me! Instead, I opted for a blouse and pinafore combo to put my own girlier spin on the more tailored looks she sports. Although I wish I had ginger hair - and I did by accident a few years ago - I substituted the orange locks for a pop of colour from my trusty duster jacket. It's been making a fair few appearances lately!

In keeping with the Scottish theme, I finished the look off with pieces from two of my favourite Scottish designers at the minute - Bonnie Bling and Claire Barclay Draws. Because you're on my blog, I'm guessing that you'll be familiar with Claire Barclay's work (clue: she made my header!) but I've been wanting to add some more Bonnie Bling to my jewellery collection for a wee while now.

As far as the film itself goes, I'm kind of in love. A lot of Scots hate hearing Scottish accents on the screen but I for one love it - which is probably helped along by Karen's authentic twang! It has everything I look for in a rom-com, it stars another actress I love, Freya Mavor, and the soundtrack is just amazing. Not only do my boys Twin Atlantic feature, I've now discovered a band called Teen Canteen and have been kind of stalking their social media ever since. At the moment We Are Colony have a couple of amazing competitions on the go to celebrate the film, so if you fancy winning your own piece of Bonnie Bling or even a signed press book then head on over here to give it a shot.


18 Jun 2015

Win a Wax Warmer & Melts from Owlchemy

If there's two things I love, it's candles and winning things. Now I'm going to thrust the two things I love in your face by giving you the chance to win a wax warmer and trio of melts from Owlchemy! I've been wanting to put together a little giveaway for a while now because I've had so much to celebrate so I was really excited when Owlchemy generously offered to provide this prize. All of the details on how to enter can be found below!

Terms and Conditions
  • This giveaway is open to UK entrants only
  • One winner will be chosen at random via the Rafflecopter widget
  • Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget below and the winner will receive one wax warmer and a trio of wax melts from Owlchemy
  • Entrants under 18 must seek parental permission before entering
  • No purchase necessary
  • The prize will be fulfilled by Owlchemy and so you must permit your details to be passed on to them
  • Once drawn, the winner will be contacted via the email provided and have 28 days to respond
  • All entries will be moderated and duplicate, false or incomplete entries will be deleted
  • The giveaway will run from 18.6.15 to 2.7.15

Good luck!

17 Jun 2015

Summer Beauty Haul

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Now that I don't need to worry about grown up things like insurance and food shopping (for now anyway) I decided it was about time to add a few new bits and bobs to my beauty stash. This was also influenced somewhat by that annoying phenomenon of everything you usually use running out at once and an unfortunate incident involving a now smashed powder... With Advantage card in hand I headed off to Boots, stopping at Superdrug on the way, to pick up some new summer beauty staples and make the most of the offers they have on at the moment.

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Iconic 3 palette by Makeup Revolution - £4 online or from Superdrug

For a change the Makeup Revolution stand in Superdrug was reasonably well stocked and I was finally able to pick up the Iconic 3 palette, having loved the Iconic 2 palette I purchased last year. The much hyped dupe for the Naked 3, Iconic 3 boasts an array of rose toned neutrals that pack a punch for the price. I'd always loved the look of the Naked 3 but wasn't entirely sure the shades would suit my skin tone so this is a great way to try something a little but different without breaking the bank. I love getting a new palette, it's so pretty and fresh that I just can't bring myself to ruin it yet! I'll need to sit down and have a proper play about with it.

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Big Fake Curves Mascara, £4.99; Pressed Powder in Translucent, £1.99;
Bronze Glow mosaic bronzer, £2.99 or free when you spend £5
All from Collection

I was going to go for my usual Rimmel Stay Matte powder, but after seeing that you got a free mosaic bronzer from Collection if you spend £5 I decided to give their pressed powder a go. The shade claims to be translucent but it seems a bit yellow toned in the pan. From first impressions it doesn't seem to be that apparent on the face and it does mattify well but I'm yet to properly test it out.

A few years ago I adored Collection's Big Fake Curves mascara, finding it comparable to Benefit's They're Real, so I decided to pick it up to make up the threshold spend. I was a bit disappointed to find that they've changed the brush since I last used the mascara and I'm not massively keen on the look of it so far. I did find the formula to be really dry when first used however after sticking it in a cup of hot water for a while it's thinned out making it easier to use. It still has the kind of awful smell that it did back when I used it obsessively but it doesn't last once applied.

A shimmery bronzer isn't something I really go for when it comes to my face, but now that summer is kind of here I want to add a bit more of a "glow" to my look. This mosaic bronzer has a few different tones in it that when blended together give a really healthy glow, without being overpowering on my stereotypically Scottish pale skin. It's not the kind of thing I'd buy of my own accord but seeing as it was a free gift I figured I may as well give it a go!

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Supercat eyeliner pen by Soap & Glory - £6 from Boots

This one was a repurchase for me, as the final liner pen from my stash had finally dried up! I've been using this eyeliner since last summer - full review here - and I'm yet to find a budget eyeliner pen that can beat it. Supercat is jet black, easy to apply and sticks around all day. This is my fourth time purchasing this eyeliner and I still can't believe it's only £6! Soap & Glory's cosmetics are on 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment but they didn't have any of the other things I wanted in stock so I gave it a miss... for my bank account's sake.

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Summer Beauty Haul UK Drugstore - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

123 Perfect CC cream, £9.99; Magic Nail Polish Remover pot, £4.99;
Sunkissed Collection, free with purchases over £15
All from Bourjois via Boots

As my stocks were starting to dwindle I rediscovered the Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation, so on my hunt for the perfect CC cream for sunny days I headed straight to their stand. I chose the 123 Perfect CC cream in the lightest shade which I think is a tiny bit too dark for me but blends really well. The coverage is medium but feels light on the skin, exactly what I look for in the summer, and does a great job of hiding imperfections without having to layer on the foundation. 

At the moment Bourjois are offering a free gift worth over £20 when you spend £15 so after picking up the CC cream I figured I would replace my Magic Nail Polish Remover pot which had seen better days. It makes my life so much easier and lasts me months, so I don't mind spending £4.99 on it.

The Sunkissed Collection features two full sized products, a bronzer and a lip crayon, and a sturdy little kabuki brush which is perfect for travelling. I already had the lip crayon in the same shade - Peach on the Beach - and it really doesn't suit me but seeing as it was a free gift I'm not that bothered. The bronzer is a universal shade which I find quite flattering on my skin, it does have a slight shimmer in it which gives a lovely glow and I know I'll be reaching for this lots when I'm on holiday too. All in all not bad for a free gift, although I have just noticed that I was 2p short of the £15 mark which is a bit awkward but I'm very grateful that I still got it!

Have you treated yourself to any new beauty for summer?

16 Jun 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Come to the dark side... we have cookies. And better features.

Okay, we all know that I am not a loyal customer. I like to try new brands, new systems and new technologies. I am not an Apple fangirl, but I'm also not anti-Apple. I adore my iPad and genuinely find it to be one of the better suited tablets for me. My iPod rarely leaves my side and again, no other portable music player really compares for me. However my iPhone? Meh. Take it or leave it.

When the end of my contract rolled around I decided to leave it. I was fed up of limited customisation options, a shitty rubbish battery and those stupid chargers. I didn't want to open up a new phone, sign in to my iCloud account and have everything sitting there. It may sound like hassle, but I like getting something new! It's been a while since I had an Android phone and I was pretty excited to see what they had to offer, so I decided to go for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

I had been planning on leaving Vodafone but after doing a bit of shopping around they had the best deal for this phone as well as an extra discount through my mum's work, so I get unlimited texts & minutes with 6gb of mobile data (4G included) for less than what I was paying for unlimited texts, 600 minutes and 500mb of data with them before. Plus, I have unlimited data for the first three months and also benefit from their Eurotraveller package meaning I can use my contract abroad for £3 a day. I had been tempted by Three's apparent lack of roaming costs, but after looking in to it it was pretty limited and didn't apply to any of the countries I plan on visiting in the next year or so.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

The Phone

There were a few key selling points for this phone that swayed me towards picking the Samsung Galaxy S6 over another iPhone, one of which being the battery. Whilst it's nothing phenomenal it's still considerably better than what I've experienced from any of my Apple devices and the speed at which it charges is kind of crazy! It also allows for wireless charging which isn't something I've tested yet, but I am kind of tempted to spend a stupid amount of money on this lamp from Ikea purely for the novelty. In reality I am planning on ordering a little pad from le interwebs at some point.

Another big selling point for me is the camera, the quality is just fantastic. I did also consider the LG G4 as it boasts a full manual mode option for it's camera, but as I already have a DSLR it's not really something I was looking for in a phone. Otherwise they are practically identical and after reading this in depth comparison I decided that the S6 was more suited to me. I made the right decision! With 16 megapixels and a 1.9f aperture it's ideal for snaps on the go and from first glance seems like it would be a good alternative to lugging my DSLR around with me.

The front camera is also annoyingly good despite the deceivingly low megapixel count - my Snapchats seem all the more hideous now - but it's astounding in comparison to the camera I had to deal with before. I'll just need to up my makeup game now! As well as that it's proving to be a handy little vlogging tool, as I'm hoping to show you all on Sunday morning over on my channel.

Other cool features include a heart rate monitor which can also be used to snap selfies, fingerprint recognition and the little flashing LED notifier which makes me feel like I have a Blackberry again. These might be a given for some, but having upgraded from a relatively dated iPhone 4S I feel like they are the future.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

The Operating System

Android is a pretty easy system to get used to, especially seeing as I've used it in the past. I was able to get all of my usual apps with very little hassle at all and I've not had to sacrifice any of my beloved games either. A big plus to the Android system is the addition of widgets, allowing me to personalise my homescreen just how I like it. The voice recognition - which I don't often use - is much better than that of the iPhone 4S, I don't even need to put on a posh voice for it to pick me up!

One of the major differences between Android and iOS is the sheer amount of customisation options. Not only do you get the funky little widgets, you also get themes! I am totally amazed by this concept. I can't decide which one to go for! It's like having a brand new phone every time I download one. There are so many options for differing tastes and preferences, both free and premium.

Another feature which I have been really enjoying is the S Health app, which I suppose is similar to the iOS Health app but that wasn't really fully available for the 4S. I can see all of my health and fitness based apps in the one place as well as a rundown of how active I've been throughout the day, how much water I've consumed and a graph of my recorded heart rates. Surprisingly this has been quite motivating for me as it's pushing me to get out and walk more so I can beat the targets it sets for me.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Colours and Carousels Scottish Lifestyle Blog

The Verdict

I think it's love. It's so nice to have a phone that works all of the time and can take a decent photograph. I think it's much better quality than the iPhone offers at the moment and without the prestigious price they demand. If the iPhone ups it's game then I would maybe give it a go in the future, but for now I am definitely a Galaxy girl.

Are you an Android or an Apple user? Do you have a preference or are you not all that bothered, like me?


15 Jun 2015

Meet My June Advertisers!

It feels like May ended just yesterday, but here we are halfway through June already. Crazy stuff! This month I have an entirely full sidebar and therefore I have the pleasure of introducing you to some lovely ladies, including Birthday Princess Lis. I'd thoroughly recommend diving in and having a browse of all these fantastic blogs, hopefully you'll find a new favourite!

Large Advertiser - Last Year's Girl

Having started her first ‘online journal’ in 1999, Lis has been blogging since before there was a word for it - something that The List magazine recognised her for in 2011 when it included Last Year’s Girl in its top 10 Scottish websites. When she’s not at the day job or freelancing as a music journalist, she blogs about the important things in life: baked goods, Bruce Springsteen and pop-culture-meets-feminism.

Medium Advertisers - Amanda Apparel & Sweet Serendipity

I'm a 25 year old events management student. 
I was born & raised in Kansas City, and now I'm pursuing my dreams in Edinburgh Scotland. 
I'm a plus sized fashion and lifestyle blogger. Happily engaged to a Scotsman named Scott! Often found sipping coffee with my nose in a book.

Hi! I’m Shannon and I run my own personal lifestyle blog, Sweet Serendipity. I’m currently in my first year at the University of Reading where I am studying English Literature. I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my friends, family and my pony, Beano. I am a bit of a book worm with an unhealthy tea obsession and on my blog you will find posts on a huge variety of topics, from my pony, to life updates, day trips, product reviews and everything else in-between! I love to chat, so I hope you will give my blog a little visit and drop me a message to say hi!

Small Advertisers

This month my small advertisers are the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte Actually, Ashley from Ashley Olivia and Sue's Little Gems.

12 Jun 2015

Kiss Air Candles: Ice Cream Parlour

There's this theory floating around that a smell can be one of the most powerful memories you form and I totally agree. The second I sniffed the Mango Sorbet candle from Kiss Air Candles new Ice Cream Parlour range I was instantly transported back to a time when Woolworths was still open a two minute walk down the road and I would stand transfixed in front of the Pic'n'Mix deliberating over what overpriced sweets to fill my cup with. In particular, the scent of the Mango Sorbet candle reminds me of those massive gummy snakes that I could spend days trying to finish. Nowadays I could probably wolf one down in a matter of seconds but sack paying £7+ for a tiny wee cup of sweets!

Okay enough about sweets, lets talk about candles. I am a candle fan and I cannot deny it, the second you walk in my room it becomes obvious with a helping hand from the many that sit on my windowsill. At this particular moment in time I count seven. And a wax burner. Obviously I don't burn them all at once or I would end up with a serious headache but it's uncommon to find me sitting in my room without a delicious scent burning away on my windowsill.

Being a candle fan, I know what I like and what I don't like. Sweet, confectionery like scents definitely fall under the do like category, as does the Ice Cream Parlour range from Kiss Air. With delights such as Mint Choc Chip and Salted Caramel included in the selection it's difficult to resist and the two that I currently own - Mango Sorbet and Rum & Raisin - have become particular favourites of mine. I've actually finished Mango Sorbet now and my mouse is hovering over the "add to basket" button.

Made with soy wax these candles are both vegetarian and vegan, with a cleaner burn in comparison to typical candles. I do tend to lean towards soy wax candles as I've discovered from past experiences that they throw scent much better and are considerably less prone to tunnelling. The large tins have roughly 25-30 hours of burn time which for £8.50 is not bad at all. Even when they're unlit they fill the room with a scent that's practically identical to it's namesake. Both Rum & Raisin and Mango Sorbet are just indescribably beautiful scents that make me drool every time I light them.

You can check out the whole range here.

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11 Jun 2015

Cover the cuts with glitter

Wedding Guest Outfit House of Fraser Petite - Colours and Carousels
Shoes - New Look

I can't quite believe how suddenly our weather has turned, but knowing Scotland it could turn back just as easily. I've been loving lying out in the garden with a book and gallons of ice tea. It may not be the most ideal for photos, but as someone who doesn't see the sun all that often and spends her days cooped up at a computer screen I couldn't resist the lure of the warmth. It's making me wish my holiday was a whole lot sooner...

I wore this dress to a wedding in Edinburgh at the weekend and despite it not being the type of thing I'm typically drawn to there was something about the print that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Plus, the great quality of the material means that it manages to suck everything in without leaving me struggling to eat a canape, let alone a three course meal. I'd been looking for a nice midi dress for a while but as a bit of a shorty most midis look like maxis on me, thankfully House of Fraser have a petite range so my height is less of a restriction!

Right now my overwhelming feeling is busy. I feel like I've barely had a moment to myself over the past couple of weeks -  which isn't true - but I need to calm down a bit I think. I'm incredibly guilty of taking on too much at once and I really hate letting people down so I think I need to sit down for a while and figure out my priorities. I love this blog so much but at the moment it's starting to get a bit much, I have so many ideas for it but not enough time to really get working on them and it's been getting me down. We'll see!

I think I'm probably just a bit burnt out, being back at home turned me in to an over excited puppy who was desperate to catch up with everyone and do everything I missed whilst I was away when in reality I have so much time to do all of these things!

How do you cope with burnout?

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10 Jun 2015


Good morning! How is everyone today?

I have some kind of exciting yet scary news today and that is that I'm hosting an event. I've never done anything like this before, but after wanting to do it for months I decided just to take the plunge and give it a go! All is going well so far, I have the venue sorted and a few other things on their way to being ticked off my to do list. Let's just hope it continues this way!

The event will be held in Glasgow City Centre on August 2nd and is in aid of the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Tickets will cost £15 and will include a glass of prosecco, some food and an initial donation to the charity. So far there's been lots of interest which is really exciting and I hope I can pull it out of the bag in order to help aid the fantastic work SAMH do!

If you're one of the hundreds of Scottish Bloggers (or non-Scottish bloggers who just happen to be in Glasgow at the time) and would like to come along then drop me an email with the subject "Scottish Blogger Meet" to coloursandcarouselsblog@gmail.com and I'll add you to the invite list. If you could also include your blog address, Twitter and Instagram usernames that would be fantastic as I'm putting together a list of all the attendees so that it's easy to figure out who you'll be chatting with on the day.

Have you ever organised a blogger event before? It's a little bit crazy but really fun too... If anyone has any handy tips they would be very much appreciated!

9 Jun 2015

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Colours and Carousels

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Colours and Carousels

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Colours and Carousels

Seventeen Stay Time concealer in Extra Fair - £4.49 from Boots

It's kind of worrying how grumpy I get if I have a disappointing shopping trip, so when I visited four different Boots stores hunting for my usual Collection Lasting Perfection concealer I was getting pretty annoyed at leaving empty handed. After it became apparent that there was some strange shortage in the Glasgow area I sent them a wee tweet only to be told that they were discontinuing it. What a nightmare! It's still unclear if it's only Boots that are discontinuing the concealer or Collection as a whole, but I figured I should try an alternative just in case. Step in the Seventeen Stay Time concealer. (Collection have now confirmed that they are not discontinuing it, so either Boots are or someone screwed up somewhere)

I haven't used all that much from Seventeen before, not for any particular reason, it's just a brand that doesn't appear in my make up bag all that often. Much like Collection's offering the Seventeen Stay Time concealer is a bit of a bargain and the three step shade range offers the variety you'd expect from a drugstore brand. I picked up "Extra Fair" as I am typically the lightest shade available but I feel like this may be a tiny bit too pale for me... maybe I've just caught the sun!

At first I didn't think I could love a concealer more than Collection Lasting Perfection, but apparently I can. Although Collection Lasting Perfection is great quality for the price, I do find it to be a bit cakey and it has a habit of oxidising on my skin - leaving an unsightly orange mark. The Seventeen Stay Time concealer is creamier, making it an absolute dream to blend and super hydrating. The coverage is a little bit lighter than the likes of Collection, but it's also easily buildable which makes it a versatile addition to my make up bag. It doesn't cake or crease under the eye and whilst I can't quite comment on the claim of 18 hour staying power it did a fantastic job of making it through a 12 hour application with no need for touch ups - even after four hours sleep.

I'm impressed.

8 Jun 2015

Five Guys Glasgow

In the last Burgerthon post I had mentioned that our next stop would be Jacker De Viande, but after a bit of a crazy month we decided to pop in to Five Guys one night before the cinema instead. If you're not familiar with The Great Glasgow Burgerthon then you can get up to speed here... Go on, I'll wait.

Sorted? Okay!

For the second stop on our burg-tour we headed to the relatively new Five Guys on St Vincent Street. Those familiar with Glasgow will know that if you fancy a burger then St Vincent Street will certainly provide, with at least four of the Burgerthon stops located mere metres from each other.

When Five Guys first opened up north there was a bit of a storm surrounding it, with some people saying it's the best burger they've ever eaten and others saying it's essentially an overpriced McDonald's. With a set up that is very reminiscent of a fast food joint it's quite easy to see why people would feel this way, but there are a few key differences between Five Guys and the likes of the Burger King up the road.

One of the obvious differences, and in fact probably one of the biggest selling points for me, is the drinks machine. Offering various exotic concoctions of well known soft drinks I could have spent hours in there trying each and every one - especially with the free refills! I was a bit apprehensive at first as I thought they'd all be fizzy and I'm not a massive fan of fizzy drinks but they have a really great selection of soft drinks too. I loved the fact that they had still Fanta available so I had one that was Fruit Punch flavoured and a Raspberry Powerade too. Paddy had a Sprite and an Orange Sprite, which essentially tasted like Fanta.

Now for the main event - the food.

I was pretty ravenous when we got to Five Guys, I'd just had to wait in the hairdressers for nearly two hours whilst Paddy got his hair cut, so I was very excited to finally try it out. I decided to have a classic cheeseburger with grilled onions and ketchup whereas Paddy had a bacon cheeseburger. Neither of us had realised that the standard burger seems to come with two patties already so we were a tad surprised at the size of them! Both were delicious but did have an air of McDonald's to them. Personally, I felt like it was a McDonald's with slightly better meat and a much bigger price tag.

Five Guys have a "build your own" type set up when it comes to ordering, you pay for the burger you want and choose as much as you like from a selection of free toppings. This kind of process works out quite well if you're someone who likes a lot of toppings, but if you're just wanting a plain burger it can feel like a bit of a rip off.

Something that's worth mentioning is the chips. They were perfectly cooked, golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, but my god the portions were insane. Hayley had mentioned this to me before so we decided to share, but we decided to share a large chips and it probably could have fed four. We were a bit annoyed when we saw that a large chips was just a tall - but relatively skinny - cup full, until we looked in the bag and found a pile easily four times the size of what we had expected. It's worth bearing in mind as we are pretty greedy people and struggled to finish them!

Whilst it was perfectly enjoyable it's hard to ignore the price. Two burgers, 2 drinks and a portion of chips cost us nearly £30 which is a bit eye watering for a quick bite before the cinema. You can find much better in the city centre for less money. The service was fast despite it getting a bit busy whilst we were in there and there is ample seating available across the three floors. It was hard to judge the atmosphere as it was relatively quiet, we left just before the tea time rush, but you can clearly see the American diner like vibe they're going for. Much like Burger Meats Bun it didn't totally blow us away and that's kind of what we're looking for.

She thought: Quality of burger 3, Variety available 2, Atmosphere & service 2.5, Value for money 1.5
He thought:  Quality of burger 4, Variety available 3, Atmosphere & service 3.5, Value for money 3

Overall score for Five Guys is 22.5 out of a possible 40

Have you tried a Five Guys before? Do you agree with us? If you want to pay the Glasgow branch a visit you can find them at 57-61 St Vincent Street, Braehead Shopping Centre and Silverburn Shopping Centre. You can find your nearest branch here.

6 Jun 2015

Saturday Share #1

I spend too much time on the internet, so I figured I would at least make it semi-productive and share some amazing things I've found on my never ending quest... Here's the best of the past week with brilliant blog posts and general time wasting tools aplenty.

Have you found anything cool this week?

5 Jun 2015

Kiss me baby and tell me twice

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog

Colours and Carousels - UK Lifestyle Blog
Top - CelebLook
Skirt - Blue Vanilla
Jacket - F&F
Hat - Primark
Boots - ASOS

Is there really any point in having friends if you can't rope them in to taking outfit photos for you?

I kid, obviously, but it is pretty handy! When I popped out for lunch with my friend Geraldine I got her to snap a few photos for me which turned in to a bit of a struggle with it being a very windy day. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out so I'll definitely be making the most of our coffee dates more often, as well as teaching Paddy how to use my camera so he can be a back up photographer too. I don't mind taking my own photos in my back garden but there are some days when a tripod just doesn't cut it.

The weather isn't lending itself to my dream summer outfits at the moment (and neither is my bank account) so this bright jacket has been a bit of a favourite lately to brighten up those ever so dull days. Where is this record breaking heatwave we were promised? Certainly not in Glasgow! At least it seems to have stopped raining for now. I've been loving slogan tees recently as I feel like they add a bit of interest to even a basic outfit and when you consider my love for shoes it's like this t-shirt from CelebLook was made for me. I've worn it in a couple of my YouTube videos too as it's so easy to throw on!

Today I'm heading down to Manchester to see The Courteeners in Heaton Park which I'm so excited for. I grew up just a couple of streets away from the park but I've never actually been to a gig there and with The Courteeners being one of my favourite bands I'm really glad that they're going to be my first. We're staying in Manchester tonight but heading back up the road early doors tomorrow morning as we've got a wedding in Edinburgh to attend. The venue looks absolutely stunning and I'm sure it'll be a beautiful day! My diary is pretty jam packed at the moment with lots of catching up to do since moving home but there's so many exciting things happening so I'm not too fussed about being busy.

Has the summer weather reached you yet? If so, send it my way please!
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