BEAUTY: Vitamin E Moisture Boost Serum from Superdrug

Vitamin E Moisture Boost Serum from Superdrug

Vitamin E Moisture Boost Serum from Superdrug

Vitamin E Moisture Boost Serum from Superdrug


If you have an eagle eye you might notice that I’m very rarely a loyal shopper. No matter how much I love a product I often find myself choosing to search for an alternative as opposed to repurchasing, although there a few things that I do return to again and again.

A couple of months ago I reviewed a really great serum… but it ran out. I debated repurchasing but I’d had my eye on Superdrug’s Vitamin E offering for a while and decided to take the plunge. A whole £3.99 later and it was mine! I’ve mentioned before that my skin doesn’t have particularly expensive taste so I was quite confident that this drugstore bargain would work well for me.

The packaging is pretty basic as to be expected, it’s a sturdy plastic container with a pump to dispense the product. I’m not sure if it’s just my bottle but I find the pump a little bit stiff and it takes a bit of work to actually get enough product, although this prevents me from dispensing too much and prevents product wastage.

The serums that I’ve used in the past have been a bit lighter in consistency however the Vitamin E Moisture Boost Serum from Superdrug fares more like a moisturiser. It has that typical skincare scent which fades quickly. It’s suggested that you use 2-3 pumps for the face which I’d say is a decent recommendation, although I sometimes use an extra pump for my nose as it can be particularly prone to dryness. I find that it leaves a tiny bit of residue after application but it’s not noticeable once a moisturiser is applied.

I’ve been using this morning and evening for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed with how well it’s maintained my skin. I’ve not noticed any massive differences however I personally see that as a good thing as it’s clearly been a good match for what I used previously and works just as I expected it to!

As a big lover of Vitamin E based skincare I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more things from the rest of the range, it’s all relatively affordable and has good reviews online. I particularly fancy the hair and body oil, but I might pick up this skincare hamper which is a massive bargain. You can check out the whole range here.

Do you have any bargain skincare recommendations?