OUTFIT: Only shooting stars break the mold

Dress – River Island (via charity shop)
Shoes – Forever21
Bracelet – Sue’s Little Gems
Guess how much this dress cost. Go on, guess.
If you guessed £3 then you guessed right! An amazing charity shop find if I do say so myself. I’ve found recently that charity shops are starting to get a bit cheeky with their pricing – as in nearly a tenner for a second hand Primark dress that probably only cost £5 originally – but one of the many charity shops on my local high street has some really great bargains! I actually picked up another dress whilst I was there too but I think I’ll need to take it up a bit before I wear it.
At the moment it’s actually my reading week which I’d normally spend at home, but I’m spending a couple of days in Aberdeen with my best friend Geraldine to see Wicked! So exciting and I can’t wait to spend some time with her. I loved Wicked when I saw it at Christmas so I can’t wait to see it again. Keep an eye out for a full post on Friday!
I don’t have any classes left at university now which is a strange feeling. It’ll be even stranger when my exams are over and done with! I’m not going to lie, I’d been feeling quite worried about my lack of direction in recent weeks, but right now I’m feeling so much more positive after some great feedback about my blog and some other things too. I feel like I have more of a purpose now and that’s exciting! I know that no matter what I’ve made the right decision (I feel like I say this every week) and I’m so glad I took charge and stopped making myself miserable about it all.
Blog wise, I have a few exciting plans that will hopefully start to take shape over the upcoming weeks. There are some big behind the scenes changes in the works as well as some more noticeable face lifts. I’m considering relaunching a somewhat popular series and diversifying the content on my social media channels & YouTube. Depending on work I should have plenty of time to dedicate to my plans so fingers crossed all shall be revealed shortly…
What have you been up to? Did you enjoy the bank holiday weekend?