#SassyBooks Book Club

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I’ve been wittering on about exciting projects for a while now without really giving away that many details about what or who they involve, however that’s all about to change! 

Reading is one of my favourite hobbies alongside blogging, so it makes sense that I do post about books a bit. Someone that also posts about books a fair amount and is also one of my best pals is Hayley and we fancied putting together a little collaboration over the summer, and maybe longer.

The result? #SassyBooks.

What is #SassyBooks? I hear you cry!

Well, to put it simply it is a book club. Currently we are the sole members of said book club – but hopefully that’s not how it’s going to stay. Each month we’ll be picking a new book to read and then review, sharing our thoughts and feelings on various works and genres from Young Adult to Non Fiction and everything in between. Who knows where we’ll end up? We would love for you to join in, so keep reading if I have managed to pique your interest…

How will #SassyBooks work?

Every month we will be picking a book which will be announced on the last Tuesday of the respective month. We will then read it and post our review on the last Tuesday of the following month alongside the announcement for the next book. If you want to get involved please feel free to join in with our choices as we will also be including links to the reviews posted by everyone taking part (as long as they’re posted on or before the last Tuesday of the month!). We’ll be open to suggestions for books to read in the future too, so be sure to send those our way.

Sound good?

Great! Our first book is going to be I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, a novel about twins driven apart by tragedy, and it is available to buy from Amazon here for as little as £1.61! 
So that’s one of my fun summer projects that I’m really excited about and I know Hayley is too. We’d both absolutely love it if you joined in our little book club and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on I’ll Give You The Sun. Our reviews will be up on the 30th of June so if you do decide to join in send your review links over to us to be included in the post and be sure to use the hashtag #SassyBooks to keep up with everyone’s progress!
Will you be joining in with #SassyBooks? Sassy feels like a strange word for me now… sassy.