28 May 2015

3 Ideas for Summer Celebrations

3 Ideas For Summer Celebrations UK

With summer just around the corner and exams out the way it’s safe to say that I am in a relatively celebratory mood. There’s something about summer that awakens the social butterfly hidden deep within me and I find myself concocting plans to catch up with all of those friends that I hadn't seen during my winter induced hibernation. Today I decided to share a few ideas for some summer celebrations to throw when the sun begins to show. Champagne glasses at the ready!

3 Ideas For Summer Celebrations UK


One of my favourite things about my house is my garden; it’s got lots of space and is bathed in sunlight for the majority of the day. A few weeks ago we purchased some new garden furniture and I for one can’t wait to have the girls round for a catch up in the sunshine! My ideal girly catch up involves at least one bottle of something fizzy, such as a bottle of pink champagne or prosecco from the great range at Tesco, and some yummy nibbles to tuck in to. I don’t know about you, but if there’s snacks sitting in front of me I just have to eat them!


  • Make sure you have enough seating for your guests; adding a few folding chairs to your collection should do the trick!
  • Lighting is a key part of making the celebration last; it's no fun sitting out in the dark! Deck your space with lots of solar powered fairy lights and lanterns for added atmosphere.
  • Fight off those pesky bugs with a citronella candle; you’ll thank me later when you've avoided all of those awful midgie bites!

3 Ideas For Summer Celebrations UK


A shared love of food will always be a great bonding activity in my eyes and so why not celebrate this summer with a feast for all your friends? Drag that barbecue out of the shed and get your grill on! Gone are the days where barbecue food consisted solely of burgers, nowadays there’s a wealth of yummy recipes that are ideal for outdoor cooking – check out my barbecue board on Pinterest for some inspiration and get your apron at the ready.


  • Try to have a variety of food and drink available; catering to various dietary requirements and those ever so fussy eaters (like I used to be) is a sure fire way to leave your guests satisfied!
  • Ensure that your food is thoroughly cooked; no one wants to end the night with a funny tummy and a bout of food poisoning!
  • Prepare your food in advance so that all you need to do is fire it on the barbecue; this means you’ll have more precious time to spend playing host!
3 Ideas For Summer Celebrations UK


Now, living in Scotland means I am pretty spoiled when it comes to having beautifully scenic locations on my doorstep, so packing up the car and heading off for a picnic is one of my favourite ways to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon! Be sure to stock up on some easy to eat dishes and a decent blanket, pick a great spot and you’re sorted. Over the bank holiday I headed up to the east side of Loch Lomond for a meal with a view and it was so relaxing.


  • Ensure you have plenty of napkins, cutlery and plastic cups if necessary; it’s no fun struggling to eat pasta with your hands!
  • If you’re planning on taking your favourite tipple on the trip then be sure to check out the local laws regarding drinking in public; a hefty fine can certainly ruin what was a great day!
  • Be sure to take all of your litter home with you, or at least dispose of it responsibly; the great outdoors is great for a reason and you wouldn't want your rubbish to ruin that, right?

I'm pretty desperate to throw a little get together in my garden after writing this – a blogger barbecue anyone? I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for summer celebrations, so if you have any be sure to leave them in the comments!

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