2 Apr 2015

WISHLIST: Summer Swimwear

Printed bikini - River Island  // Printed swimsuit - River Island
Mint swimsuit - ASOS // Blue bikini - George @ Asda

Since finally booking a holiday to Turkey last week I've been a little bit obsessed with looking at beachwear & swimwear. It's been a couple of years now since I had a really super hot foreign holiday and I feel like my previous Primark purchases might need some new friends.

I really struggle to know what shape suits me when it comes to swimwear but I certainly have a few that really appeal to me. I'll need to try a few options and figure it out! I'm looking for some quite bold colours and patterns this year as I can just picture them looking great with a tan, plus it means I can pair them with some plain cover-ups and still have a somewhat exciting outfit.

This year River Island have some seriously gorgeous prints in their holiday shop and it's been difficult to resist buying them all at once! I spotted the swimsuit in store a while ago but dismissed it as we hadn't booked anything so I didn't want to waste my money. Now I need it. I love the style and the pattern, I think it's so pretty and perfect for wearing by the pool! Plus no awkward tan lines - what is it with all of these weirdly cut bikinis these days?

What kind of styles do you like to wear by the pool? Do you have any favourite places to shop for swimwear?


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