BEAUTY: Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream by Tesco

Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream – £3.00 from Tesco
Sometimes I thank my lucky stars that my skin doesn’t always have the most expensive taste, as I find cheaper moisturisers work a lot better for my skin and manage to save me a fair few pennies in the long run. A few weeks ago I spotted this moisturiser in someone’s favourites post (I can’t remember who, sorry!) and knew that I’d have to pick it up and give it a go.

At £3.00 I think you’d struggle to deny that this is a pretty purse friendly moisturiser (kaching!) and after doing a bit of research I’ve seen a fair few rave reviews. The texture of the moisturiser itself is a little denser than I would like and I think that’s why I’m not as amazed by this as I thought I’d be. This works really well at keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day and I’m really glad that it also has an SPF level of 15 however the dense nature of the product has left my skin feeling a little clogged and I’ve had a couple more breakouts than usual.

My skin really doesn’t like dense moisturisers so I usually opt for something much lighter and just shovel it on so I’m quite sad to say this isn’t really for me. If your skin can take a bit of a heavier moisturiser then I think this would be ideal for you as it contains a Vitamin E complex as well as some green tea which both work wonders for dry skin and help fight the signs of ageing. At £3.00 it was worth trying out and I am a little bit gutted that my skin isn’t such a big fan of this, but I’m definitely going to be trying out some of the other affordable skincare from Tesco’s Pro Formula range and hopefully I’ll find the one for me!

Does your skin have expensive taste?